It has been a busy few days.
I spent Friday on the Reformed church Youth State Camp. I’m doing some talks at an Evangelistic camp later in the year so I gave that camp a good plug.

Saturday my mate Andy from the UK got married.

Amy & Andy A couple of his mates have been staying with us Vikki and Liam from Guilford.


I spent most of my time at the reception goofing around practicing my English accent with words like “chav”, “chavette” and “pikey”. Gwyd helped me to being too silly although...


Most notably my Dad retired on Sunday morning. He’s worked as an Anglican Pastor for the last 30 years. We’ve lived here in Tassie for the last 13 years and he has served as the pastor at St Georges Anglican Church Battery Point.


My Mum

My Dad

I found the service slightly depressing as my Mum and Dad and I don’t exactly see eye to eye theologically speaking. Sunday arvo I spent talking with Christine which was then followed by church and sleep. This evening I spent down at the pub with a few of the English dudes talking "football" and all things British.

(Update internet has been down most of week new pics added)



I booked a ticket this afternoon to the USA. My mate Jonny has some hilarious advice for me... (see here) Oh so funny.

(Warning Australian sense of humour)


My brother Dave

Today is my little brother’s birthday. He’s 24. The two of us have been living together for about the last three years. We have the occasional personality clash and fight but all things considered we are pretty close.

He is very different to me. He is quieter almost shy, certainly less verbose and outgoing than I am. He is very hard working and has a keen eye for detail and observation. He has an amazing stick-ability with tasks. While I loose patience quickly and move on to the next thing, he will very carefully and meticulously accomplish the task.

He has always done better academically than I have. At school his TE score was so far above mine it wasn’t funny. Similarly at University when we undertook subjects together he’d always do slightly better. I’ve always been secretly jealous but admired this about him.
The thing that I most love about my brother is that he is a Christian. He worked really hard last year running a very difficult bible study group while working fulltime. Like me he has many struggles. Pressures at work and I think he is often under appreciated for the hard work that he does. Much respect to you Dave. Happy birthday.


Great Explanations

It has been a busy few days.

I have experienced an increase in blog traffic over the weekend. A warm welcome to all my new readers and followers. The reason for this two fold.

Firstly I officially launched supportMIKE on Saturday. I finally sent an email to the 200 or so Christians that I know asking them for money for my job next year.

Secondly and on a more serious note I decided to "date" (for the want of a better word) a girl who lives in deepest darkest USA. Many of you may have seen this coming. Many of you may not have. It's one of the scariest things I've ever done and the stakes are very high. However I strongly believe that it is worth it. Christine is a fantastic chick and I have the deepest respect for her. I'd ask you to bear a couple of things in mind.

  1. Try not to be freaked out. I know what I'm doing and I have thought and prayed long and hard about this.
  2. Please pray for myself and for Christine.
  3. Drop on over to her blog and say hi (see here). Have a poke around and get to know her. She really is a wonderful person.
  4. Please try not to make really obvious Napoleon Dynamite jokes... please (they have already been done).
I'm open to advice, reactions and thoughts... comment away.

supportMIKE has launched!


Rude Fiona's mystery

What on earth could have prompted this reaction from a good friend of mine?

"I don't buy that for a minute . . . (long pause) oh, sorry, should I have been congratulatory?"
Comment away...

If you actually know maybe let it run for a while please :)



One of the questions I was asked after visiting Christians in the Media was “What were people like in real life?” The answer is quite simple really. People’s personalities were the same as they were online and exactly how I expected them. What was weird was that people looked different to how I had imagined them (Not in like a bad way mind you).

Blogging is such an honest upfront medium people’s personalities come across really clearly. The Blogging world is not a shallow way of meeting people as many think. You make friends with people in a deep and meaningful level. Superficialities never have a chance to take over or at least take time to develop. In the Blog world everyone is average in height, accents don’t matter, the Pacific Ocean seems a small puddle and I care about some kid hearing the gospel on a camp in the USA.

supportMIKE would like to know what you like about blogging?


Mixed Emotions

Today was a day of mixed emotions. I went to the funeral of my friend Frenchy. He was 21. I went to school with him and more recently spent time discussing Christianity and Philosophy. I guess I didn’t know him heaps well but I’m great mates with his brother.

I wore a suit and generally felt awkward. I lost count of the number of times I almost cried. It’s hard to find words to express or explain such a crap situation. Please keep his bro Dan and Clare (Dan’s fiancée) in your prayers.


e conversation review

Dear X

I thought the best way to respond to your email was to tell you the things I thought were helpful about John Dickson's Promoting the Gospel and give you an idea of my own personal journey.

Firstly the chapter on prayer. I found this helpful. Our church has had a long history of prayerlessness. Not that we didn't pray but that we didn't make it the priority it should have been. Furthermore it corrected against our tendency to rely on programs and ideas more than on prayer and God.

Secondly tracts. I have great respect for Two Ways to Live (2W2L). I have used it over a number of years in "walk up" stranger evangelism. However I think that there are many other ways to approaching evangelism and discussion. Again early on I had a tendency to think I had "done" evangelism if I had managed to tell a stranger 2W2L. This wasn't a particularly helpful approach. I guess this is a fault with MY strategy rather than the tracts themselves. Again the book helpfully points out that merely sharing 2W2L does not mean you have "done" evangelism.

Thirdly and finally gifting. I think that among other things God has gifted me with an uncanny ability to talk to strangers and people more generally Christian or otherwise. Again early on in our church history we had a "every person doing evangelism" rule. This was defined as "walkup" and running strangers through 2W2L. This was good for me. I found it easy to do even to the point of being blasé and arrogant, but others without the gift struggled. They then felt guilty for not getting involved and combined with mental illness worked to run a number of people into the ground.

Coming from this background I'm sure you can see why I found Dickson's "widesceen view" or evangelism refreshing and helpful.

In Christ supportMIKE



I'm busy tonight and all this week... I'm trying to relax to get over this cold.

Han has some great tips (see here)


Never let a pair of Shoes...

Buy you a costume...
I did however win a best dressed prize on the night.

*Note this picture has been made deliberately small to avoid disturbing small children... and people more generally.


Six days is a long time...

...without blogging and internet

I got back from Sydney at about 11pm Sunday night. My arrival home was greeted by my fantastic and much talked about new shoes. I unpacked my stuff before repacking it all in preparation for University Mid Year Conference (MYC). I reckon I got to bed at about 2:30am.

I stupidly got up to watch the World cup final before finally leaving Hobart for the 3 hour drive northward. I unfortunately got a seat with three other bigger boys in the possibly worlds smallest car complete with 2 doors, 990cc engine and only three cylinders.

In any case we got there… As a change I thought I’d let my much talked about brand new 'metro' SHOES tell the story of MYC 06 enjoy.

Travelling up in the Car (The shoes were not permitted to drive)

Listening to talks on the Holy Spirit (Sam Green)

Eating porridge (Well eating a lot of everything generally)

Bible Study and personal prayer

Chatting up Chicks*

Cheating at Cards

Going to the beach

Sleeping lots

Playing Soccer

Talking to friends on the phone (Dan and Clare)

Buying me a costume from the Op-Shop**

Dancing with Gwyd and Emily***

(My shoes that is)
** (Upcoming post 'My aweful costume')
*** (I personally refrained from such Godlessness)


Every Christian should be encouraging

I’m a person who thrives on encouragement. I really appreciate it when people encourage me. But what I want more than ever is for Christians to be more encouraging.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (1 Thess 5:11)

Firstly notice that Paul assumes that his people are already being encouraging. Secondly notice that Paul encourages the Thessalonians to be encouraging even though they are already being encouraging. Thirdly the motivation for being encouraging is the fact that Christ died for us and saved us (see verses 9 & 10).

So I want to encourage you to be encouraging. How can you do this practically?

  1. Post encouraging comments on blogs
  2. Write someone a letter (by hand is best) tell them what you have noticed about them in their Christian walk.
  3. Take the time one Sunday to watch people when you see someone do something note it and go and thank them or tell them. When was the last time you thanked someone for reading the Bible, preaching etc.
  4. Be perceptive watch out for people who make an exceptional effort in non flashy way, seek them out and tell them how much their effort is appreciated.
  5. Pick a person at church pray for them everyday for a week then tell them on Sunday that you have been doing it for them.
supportMIKE wants YOU to be encouraging.


Mission (Friday)


I felt really good today. Back to my usual self which was fantastic. A big thank you to all the people who prayed it really made a huge difference. Somewhat ironically the main theme today was encouragement.

Having felt slightly out of my depth all week (lots of people I don’t know) I made a really big effort to try and get to know one of the boys who I did’t think was a Christian. With kids camps I usually pick a kid or two to particularly pray for and write to. Practically speaking that’s about all I have time for.

"Doc" abseils down as part of the play

As I chatted with Tom some more he revealed he attended a local church and said he trusted in God. I decided he’ll be my man anyway. I’m going to write and send him a couple of letters in the next few months.

God was glorified and children came to trust in him. I’m happy.



Also while I was out this morning I received the news that a friend of mine had died of a brain aneurysm. As far as I know he wasn’t a Christian. He was 21 years old.

I’d had a number of conversations with him on MSN over the last couple of years debating the existence of God and the Christian world view without much success.

The news was pretty difficult to take, It’s not very often that I cry but this was one of those times. It’s hard to know what to do or say. God is sovereign over all circumstances and I trust my life to him.

supportMIKE is sad



I hit burnout last night pretty hard and my brain kinda just shut down... this happens to me periodically. It doesn’t happen as often as it used to which is something to thank God for. I ended up going on a very long walk at about 1am maybe not the wisest thing to do but I felt a little better.

Because I was still pretty crappy this morning I made the decision not to go to HBC. I have particularly low levels of tolerance for people, kids and all things relationally related when I’m depressed. Instead I went for another very long walk and spent a good few hours praying and reading the Bible. It was great knowing that I could participate fully with my brothers and sisters work @ HBC in prayer.

Brain function was restored somewhat, I got my hair cut and ate a mountain of food...

is OK


Mission (Wednesday)

Today’s lesson focused on Generosity. Particualrly in Acts where the believers all shared their possesions with one another.

Anne (see yesterdays pic) gave out packets of chips to our year sixes. Some had more and others had less. We even had some poor widows with nothing. The kids protested and moaned saying it wasn’t fair.

We then read the story about the believers sharing their mammon and loot with each other and being generous. Then the kids with more shared up those who had less. (A couple of kids were even specially ordained to make sure that the widows had their fill).

We also talked about how it was unity in Christs death that provides the motivation for generous actions... Well I was actually absent for that bit, doing what I do best intimidating some naughty kids into behaving.

There have been over 200 kids attending HBC (Holiday Bible Club) each day. The pictures are from the upfront whole group time... and my impression of the "Blue Steel Cowboy".

supportMIKE would like you to pray for the kids @ HBC from non-Christian homes. Pray they will come into a personal relationship with Christ.


Mission (Tuesday)

Today’s key idea was “forgiveness”. We focused on the fact that we need to be forgiven by Jesus and this should effect how we act when others need our forgiveness.

I have very sore arms from playing games and general tiredness from running around. I’ve been trying to get to know the boys in my class. It’s been a while and my kiddie skills are a little out of practise. Never-the-less we managed to put together our fork windchimes which was good.

Here are some pictures of our room… yes it is pink but that wasn’t my idea. Surprisingly not one of the boys complained. Maybe it was the fact the boys are out numbered two to one in our class...

thinks that pink is an acceptable boys colour post, the metrosexual revolution.


Some random thoughts on Sydney…

... by a Tasmanian country bumpkin.

  • What is with the silence and long faces on the trains?
  • What is with the freaking cold weather? (as cold as Hobart sheesh)
  • What is with so many people being out in town on a Sunday?
  • What’s with all the nice Christians?
  • What’s with the fact that people carry maps to get around town in the car even though they live there?
  • What’s with people not knowing where stuff is when you ask them? (ok so they were randoms).
  • What’s with the number of fast food shops in town? I couldn’t escape them... (Maybe they were following me around).


Mission (Monday)

I was feeling totally dismal. Maybe it was the drugs (antibiotics) I’ve been taking. Maybe I’m just worn out from cleaning to many windows. I usually lead a group during January Mission but because this is my “holiday” I decided I’d play a back seat role. I am just another pair of hands helping out with the year sixes.

The theme for the week is is Sonward Bound (Mostly about Cowboys and Indians see pic). We follow the story of a motley crew as they mosey on down the Heavenly Valley. Each day has a key idea teaching the kids the basics in Christian living. The key idea for the first day was “Promise” based on Jesus promise at the end of Matthew to be with his people always.

is a behind the scenes ninja


The CIM experience

I was struggling to succinctly describe CIM in words till this afternoon during a conversation with a friend…

Friend: It’s just like Crossroads only less punk
Me: More polished
Friend: Yeah
Perhaps this will tell you more about Crossroads than CIM. In all seriousness I really enjoyed attending CIM. Sam preached a great talk from Judges looking at Gideon. I think he picked the key idea well (God’s sovereign control over circumstances) and I also second guessed his cross references in 1 and 2 Corinthians (applying to God using Christian weakness).

The vibe was friendly and upbeat and people most welcoming. I really enjoyed briefly meeting Christine, Ray, Hannah, Sam R, Ruth, Nixter and Craig and others (whose real names unfortunately are lost in the vast space between my ears). I would have loved to have spent more time hanging around chatting but I had to get my beauty sleep.

It’s time’s like these that make me happy, joyful as Christian… I’m happy that I can fly to another place far away from my home be welcomed to celebrate with my brothers and sisters. The best part is knowing I’ll get to spend forever with them some day.

supportMIKE is happy.


Moore Updates

I spent a whole afternoon yesterday with Seumas. We just sat there and did nothing… for a whole afternoon. Well that’s not entirely true we talked and picked over the carcass of a loaf of bread. We also did a Thai lunch and were honored with the presence of Lisa (a good friend of Seumas’). I shouted the lunch which contrary to the popular cynicism of my brother wasn’t a ploy to impress Seumas’ said friend.

Sitting in Seumas’ room I got more of an appreciation for life at Moore College. It seems less kinda scary and something I’d be more prepared to do. I could see myself sitting in one of those small slightly dingy boyish smelling rooms with my Mac book listening to music and reading Christian books. Heck there’s even a wicked coffee place nearby where I could go and pretend to be arty.

supportMIKE thinks maybe he can fast track MTS (only do it for one year) and then move up here to study @ Moore, get a part time job as youth worker in one of the local churches… heck even marry one of the locals… hmm… maybe not.