In other news...

My laptop pooter has been in getting it's DVD drive replaced which is why I haven't been blogging as regularly as I had planned. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to normal otherwise I might have to post some nasty things about mac computers.

In other news I cooked dinner tonight... not really news you might think but it's a rare and beautiful thing when I cook.

(Here is a picture of Christine and I in lieu of a picture of dinner).


Good Habits

I've been pretty able to implement some important things this week. I have a system of organisation which allows me to plan for the year in advance. I have a number of lists which have tasks to accomplish on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, 2 monthly, half yearly and yearly basis. To give you some idea how it works here's a couple of examples.

On a daily basis I would pray and read the Bible, but on a weekly basis I might meet up with someone or washing my clothes etc. The benefit of having it all planned out is that theoretically I won't over commit and run out of things to do OR always be wondering how I can fill up time.

Things so far have been good. My discipline so far with praying and reading the Bible hasn't wavered. Keeping motivated to write talks and the like will be more of a challenge...


Catherine Tate Show

I've been watching a fair bit of the Catherine Tate Show on YouTube over the last couple of weeks. It is very very funny and I can't believe it hasn't been released in Australian TV. I rate it up there with sketch classics such as Little Britain and The Fast Show.

Before watching there can be quite a bit of swearing so if you don't like it don't watch. You've been warned. Enjoy.

(If your conscience doesn't permit you to watch then don't)


Work Day 5

(My prayer list)
Lots completed today...
  • I finished my Bible Study on John 6:1-15 (concluding that the big idea was; Jesus is the prophet like Moses [Deut 18:17-22].)
  • I also revamped my prayer list (if you'd like to be included on it please let me know as I have space for Blog readers.)
  • Attended the Preachers Workshop down at Kingston Reformed church run by David Jones (Not particularly well attended which was a shame... either there aren't many people wanting to preach or the ones that do think they know it all.)
  • Felt slightly better and managed to eat a meal.
  • Sent a bunch of emails off regarding the Yamba mission including my Teenagers Bible Study on Romans 1-5.
  • Decided that Thursday will continue to be my day off.
  • Drew up a little time conversion sheet so I know the time where Christine is in the US.
The last word tonight goes to my mate Jonny who once allegedly gave this piece of advice
"A client came to me once and said 'I am good friends with a girl but do not know if I should make a move because she does not fit the dream image of a girl I used to have. Wrong colour hair.' I said 'so what'. Then the client paid me the money and went away."
supportMIKE salutes you Jonny Rochester



Being sick is a real bummer. I've got some horrid stomach bug thing which has me in and out of bed the last couple of days. I was just starting to get into the swing of things too. I also haven't had my computer for the last couple days as it's getting a new DVD burner. Grrrr the frustration.

From my sick bed however I've been meeting appointments and doing plenty of reading and preparation for the Tasmanian Leadership Conference (TLC). I've been working especially on understanding John 6 which has proven difficult. I had an interesting meeting with Sam Green this afternoon to discuss it.

Hopefully by the end of this weekend I'll have a study written on the passage and be back to my best.


Work, work, work

I'm struggling with feeling like I'm actually doing work.

This is not because I'm sitting around doing nothing. On the contrary my day was nicely full. I've got a list of to-do's as long as your arm and list of people I need to catch up with as long as your other arm. I also have more support letters to write and phone calls to make.

I guess the solution is partly getting used to it but also realising that the beginning of the year is a good time for thought and reflection as later in the year on things will end up being stupidly busy.

The final thought for the day comes from Jordan Green who in Christian kid fashion came out with this little pearl.
"Michael Jolly (always my full name) your arms are like Esaus"

(check here if you don't get the joke)


First day of work

I spent the larger part of my first day on work in Sydney saying my final good byes to Christine. Needless to say I managed to complete a set of Bible studies on Romans 1-5 ish written especially for Aboriginal Teenagers. I drew the inspiration for them from the (Scripture Under Scrutiny (SUS) we run at Crossroads.

In any case today will be a busy day with plenty to do. I'll post some thoughts later.

The pic is my new Crumpler work bag which I bought. It has a nice sleeve for my laptop and plenty of room for my other work things. Not to mention makes me look uber trendy.


Yamba Maclean Mission 2007

(All pics taken by Dave except the ones he is in)

Eight years is a long time... That is how long I’ve been doing the YMAC mission. Once again I spent a week working with Aboriginal kids in Yamba and Maclean. We rang singing, gross games, a play, bible lessons, crafts. The leaders on the camp mostly come from Reformed Churches in NSW although there a few younger ones from some pentecostal churches.

(Maclean is picturesque)

(Playing with the kids)

(Big group time at Maclean)

(The teen girls group)

(Big group time again. You might notice the banner from this or this post in the middle of the year.)

(Mikestine on a short break)

  • The gospel was proclaimed.
  • Some kids made decisions to follow Christ.
  • But most amazingly and thankfully the local Presie Church agreed to follow them up. This has been a great answer to prayer. I’ve been personally battling to get this happening for about 4 years now.
  • It was again great to have such a great team come together.
  • I got to do a couple of devotions (1 Cor 15 and Rom 10)
  • Dave (my bro) as usual enters into his own being the funny guy and generally doing an awesome job with the teenage aboriginal kids.
(Dave, Da Mels and Ingrid)

(Dave and Dane)

  • The Tassie crew this year were fantastic and gave me great joy (Dave J, Da Mels, Dave W, Isaac)

(Da Mels)

(Isaac, Dave W and Christine)

Most importantly Christine was there.

  • The Bible Lessons weren’t exactly evangelistic. Rather they were based around Christian values (Encouragement, Generosity, etc) This was frustrating as it’s difficult to bring the gospel to bear on these subjects. Stay tunned for a more evangelistic series of lessons written by me for YMAC 08.
  • I was very tired at the end.
Some of the kids...

Overall the relationships between the returning leaders and kids have developed greatly over the years. This makes the witness more effective. The older kids are especially more open to discussing Christian matters than back when I started coming.

Keep praying that God can work powerfully to transform the aboriginal communities of Yamba and Maclean by his gospel.

(All pics taken by Dave except the ones he is in)


supportMIKE Update

For the next month I’m on holidays (sort of) in Sydney till the end of the month. Christine and I will be spending a week helping to run a summer camp for aboriginal kids up the North Coast in Yamba. We’ll also be visiting a number of friends and rellies.

Things to pray about…

  • The camp for stamina and strength.
  • For the team for unity and a clear presentation of the gospel.
  • For the Aboriginal Children that they would come to an understanding of the relevance of the message of Jesus to their lives.
  • Safe travel.
  • Christine and I as we go back to having a long distance relationship till we get married in the middle of the year.
  • I probably have about a third to a half what I actually require for the coming year. As a result I’ll be straight back into support raising upon my return to Tasmania. Pray that I’ll be able to raise the necessary support I need.
  • My first day working for FOCUS when I arrive back in Hobart (22nd January).
  • The coming year which hold many challenges and great promise.