Work Day 5

(My prayer list)
Lots completed today...
  • I finished my Bible Study on John 6:1-15 (concluding that the big idea was; Jesus is the prophet like Moses [Deut 18:17-22].)
  • I also revamped my prayer list (if you'd like to be included on it please let me know as I have space for Blog readers.)
  • Attended the Preachers Workshop down at Kingston Reformed church run by David Jones (Not particularly well attended which was a shame... either there aren't many people wanting to preach or the ones that do think they know it all.)
  • Felt slightly better and managed to eat a meal.
  • Sent a bunch of emails off regarding the Yamba mission including my Teenagers Bible Study on Romans 1-5.
  • Decided that Thursday will continue to be my day off.
  • Drew up a little time conversion sheet so I know the time where Christine is in the US.
The last word tonight goes to my mate Jonny who once allegedly gave this piece of advice
"A client came to me once and said 'I am good friends with a girl but do not know if I should make a move because she does not fit the dream image of a girl I used to have. Wrong colour hair.' I said 'so what'. Then the client paid me the money and went away."
supportMIKE salutes you Jonny Rochester



Mike Jolly said... 1/27/2007 11:01 pm  

Now if you have your nickers in a knot because of my Preachers Workshop Comment then relax I was just being provocative...

John Dekker said... 1/28/2007 10:21 pm  

Provocative, schmocative - I thought it was just silly.

My false dichotomy radar went off like crazy. ;)

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