Being sick is a real bummer. I've got some horrid stomach bug thing which has me in and out of bed the last couple of days. I was just starting to get into the swing of things too. I also haven't had my computer for the last couple days as it's getting a new DVD burner. Grrrr the frustration.

From my sick bed however I've been meeting appointments and doing plenty of reading and preparation for the Tasmanian Leadership Conference (TLC). I've been working especially on understanding John 6 which has proven difficult. I had an interesting meeting with Sam Green this afternoon to discuss it.

Hopefully by the end of this weekend I'll have a study written on the passage and be back to my best.



Sherrin said... 1/25/2007 10:12 pm  

I am sorry you are sick! It is always especially annoying when you start to feel like you are getting on top of things, to be knocked over again :(. It sounds like you are still productive though!

I hope to see you around in Hobart soon. I have been sick too, with jetlag and other things, but hope to be at Crossroads this week.

Natasha said... 1/27/2007 1:46 am  

mike, i think you're just love sick :P

Laura said... 1/27/2007 9:03 am  

Poor little dear... hope you feel better soon!

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