Email use the "Subject" field

I send and receive a lot of email. Over the last few weeks I've been gathering a powerful bunch of bug bears with email etiquette. I'll post a few over the coming days. So tip number#1 ...

Use the "Subject" field
Why don’t people use it? Generally it’s because they are lazy rather than rude. Email has a subject line for a reason. The subject line is there to give an indication or summary of what is contained in the email. This means that when the reader gives you email a cursory glance over their inbox they can know immediately what it’s about.

Avoid generalities in subject lines for example “stuff” or “things you wanted” or “Conference”. What “things” are you talking about? What “stuff”? What about the Conference? It could be flipping anything. People will have no idea what you are talking about. You need to be specific, for example “File for Conference” is better, or even “List of members for Conference”.

By adding a good well thought out subject line you are serving your fellow man not to mention helping with people who filter their email as it comes into their inbox.


Pick a good coffee shop?

Matt has some awesome tips


Marky Mark

It's going to seem hypocritical but I'm actually going to one of the Marky Mark's events in Sydney early next week. It's an Evangelism Ministry Intensive at the Anglican Cathedral rather than a Christian fan fest. The Driscoll will be talking about ministry along with Don Carson and Barbara and Kent Hughes.

I've been looking forward to this most of the year as a reward for organising the MTS Challenge Conference. Should be a ripper.


I've got a feeling (a bit of an inkling)

I must admit that the idea of selling tickets to the upcoming Mark Driscoll (evangelistic?) events in Sydney has left me feeling a little uncomfortable... doesn't this encourage them to end up just being huge Christian fan fests?


From the Director

G’day MTS Challenge Conference Delegates

One of the things I’ve discovered during the organization and lead up to this conference is how much I really hate administration. It’s not just that I don’t have the gift of administration, I think I have a gift for hating it.

However as bad as the organizational process has been, I have persevered on. I’ve done this because I believe in the vision the MTS Challenge Conference has for ministry in Tasmania. I believe this conference is an essential part of challenging people to give their lives to the ministry of the church, whether in paid or unpaid, sitting in the pew or standing up the front.

The Bible tells us that Tassie is full of people ripe for the harvest who need to hear the good news. What we need is a generation of supporters, leaders and preachers who will stand up and step up to be part of a movement that seeks to bring the good news of Christ to Tassie.

Moreover I’m proud to be a part of this movement and Conference has been responsible for challenging and supporting the current generation of leaders, preachers at our churches and bible colleges. It’s my hope and prayer that this year my (and our committee’s) efforts can lead you to join us in this vision for Tassie.

It’s my aim that over this weekend you think about how blessed we are to know Christ, and leave challenged and enthused for bringing the good news of salvation to your Tassie mates. If we can achieve that, I’ll rest happy. My toil has not been in vain.

God Bless
Mike Jolly


All work no play

Yup. It's only been a month since I was last sick. On Sunday I started coughing. Christine and I then both spent all of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in bed. I found myself unable to move or do anything.

I went to the Doctor on Wednesday arvo who gave me drugs and wrote me a certificate lasting till this coming Monday and made me promise to quarantine myself away from people. So it's no MTS Challenge Conference for me. It's all work and no play.


no posts?

When I don't post much it's either because I've been sick, busy, feeling crap or pushing all my creative energy in writing sermons... in this case it's been all four.



Stolen from here


I am suffering from

Olympics apathy... oh and I'm really busy trying to organise this silly conference and write a couple of sermons.


...and again

It has been a good week for manly injury's. Last Friday I was elbowed in the eye socket and spent a couple of days coughing up blood. Then on Sunday I busted my pinky finger netball training. Last night jarred another finger this time on my right hand. Must be a really manly sport I play...



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