Ever wondered what happens...

If you freeze a can of drink?


Who is the Stig?

If you are a fan of Top Gear Hop on over to Jonny's blog for a very very funny post.


Gargle warm diet coke...

I'm sick with a cold. A while back someone told me that the BEST treatment for a cold was to gargle warm diet coke. I kid not dear readers.

So in celebration of my cold I thought that we could compile a list of cold; relief, symptom treating, and preventions which I will then try all at once and document for you blog reading pleasure.


Stupid waste of money

Ok so I was being provocative in the title. I read this in today's Mockery;

The rate of road deaths has barely budged over the past decade despite millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on safe driving campaigns a national snapshot shows. In 1997 nine out of every 100,000 people died in car accidents. Over the past nine years that rate has hovered between seven and nine people.

To put this in perspective in Germany where the roads are better quality, the cars faster and drivers better trained, speed limits higher the number of road deaths per 100,000 people is around six and half. Yet we are perpetually told that speed kills.


Tax is really stupid

e-tax is not compatible with Linux or Apple Macintosh computers. However, e-tax has been tested successfully on an Apple computer running OS X v10.4.3 with Virtual PC 7 software emulating a recommended Windows operating system.
I'm going to have to do my tax on a PC. Honestly OS X 10.4.3 it's 2008 people... Do the people at the Tax Office live under rocks? I'm sorry Australian Tax office but you get a stupid award for this one.


Why bother with technology?*

This little talk is not an appeal to be like me or run and buy the latest apple iPhone. Nor is it an appeal to use as much technology as I do or any other member of the Crossroads staff. I have four brief points.

Firstly Technology is here to stay. It will keep changing and advancing. So we might as well go along with some of it to some degree. (This may mean learning how to use predictive text or it may mean mastering usage of the Crossroads document repository.

Secondly you should embrace technology before bagging. The typical example is the person who says “Online communication can never replace face to face contact” and yet has no experience with some form of video chat. Mikey is a good example he has embraced a number of things that serve to help him in ministry. He knows enough about the resources available and so is able to pick and choose which ones to serve him. He’s also selective in his critique.

Thirdly you can use technology without falling into many of the so called pitfalls. An example might be people who waste huge amounts of time on facebook. Often this is not the fault of the technology itself but rather the users lack of self control**.

Fourthly time spent using and adapting to technology is an investment in the future. For example if you spend a small amount of time doing something yourself frees up another person to do other more important things.

Finally a short anecdote. I remember talking to an old lady once who tried to convince me that ALL technology was bad and was to blame for ALL the worlds ills. I tried to politely point out that she relied on benefits of technology every day of her life. In her car as she drove, the television she watched, the music she listened to, and most importantly the doctors and hospitals she visited. Sheesh we don't want to become luddites people.

* As delivered at the Crossroads Ministry Lab on Sunday
**Just don't add applications people


Bad fashion #1

The worst fashion crime of them all. Jeans with runners/trainers/joggers (whatever you call them).

Explorer socks with runners a really bad look. Especially the clash in colour

Even worse with long trousers

So very bad...

...and yet so very common.

Please refrain from now on.

Here are links to the rest of the top 5

Number #5 White Socks with Black Shoes
Number #4 The Mobile Phone on Belt
Number #3 The Tucked in Shirt
Number #2 That Top button


i-me observations in culture

I’ve been noticing a cultural trend. People seem to have moved to a more individualistic lifestyle. Life is now customizable. ipods are a good example of this, you can one that plays your music wherever you are whenever you want and in a fashion color to suit you.

I’ve noticed this particularly at University my old stomping ground. University as an Institution is marketed as “about me” or as the slogan says “it’s my choice” rather than an opportunity to participate in a thinking community.

I’ve also noticed the University Campus has got more trendy and mainstream. It has a brand name and slogans (“Utas it’s your choice”). This has meant there is less room for extreme views they are either cleaned up or censored out. Example of this include rules about postering (which has to be done in the right places) and the banning of "A-boards".

More thoughts soon.


Jonny has become a bogan

Jonny you crack me up.



I've been thinking it's good to know the sex of your child before it's born. Christine and I are planning to name our child as soon as we know it's sex. I think this approach is more consistent with a Christian pro-life stance. It seems that Christians are often quick to claim that a tiny baby is a life but slow to treat it as such in giving it the dignity of a name and identity.


Controversy... me never

I have a few rants today.

Firstly it annoys me that the Sola Panel and the Briefing constantly knock things like Fair Trade Coffee. Second it annoys me that many Christians constantly knock against something as obvious as Climate Change. Thirdly it also annoys me that people are up in arms about nude child photos. I also wasn't offend by the nude picture of the girl. I saw the photo and I saw an artistic picture.

I think often Christians already come across as bunch of right wing George Bush loving, Today Tonight watching latte sippers. You can be a Christian, believe in climate change, appreciate art, drink fairtrade coffee and vote left wing too.


Why add me as a friend?

I've been wondering what policy should I have with accepting friend requests on facebook? I had a totally random guy from Sydney add me simply because I'm a member of a group that listens to Mark Driscoll.

i'm a pastor in sydney...married, 3kids...i started listening to mark driscoll about 18months ago and was introduced to facebook about 6months ago...i went onto mark's fb friends and because he can't accept anymore friends i just started clicking at random...i figured it would be a cool place to meet other blokes who loved red meat, strong doctrine and ultimate fighting...no worries...
To accept or not to accept that is the question?


Art or Porn?

Is it art or is it pron? A well written piece from Phillip Jensen (here)


I barrack for

The Hawks

that is all.