i-me observations in culture

I’ve been noticing a cultural trend. People seem to have moved to a more individualistic lifestyle. Life is now customizable. ipods are a good example of this, you can one that plays your music wherever you are whenever you want and in a fashion color to suit you.

I’ve noticed this particularly at University my old stomping ground. University as an Institution is marketed as “about me” or as the slogan says “it’s my choice” rather than an opportunity to participate in a thinking community.

I’ve also noticed the University Campus has got more trendy and mainstream. It has a brand name and slogans (“Utas it’s your choice”). This has meant there is less room for extreme views they are either cleaned up or censored out. Example of this include rules about postering (which has to be done in the right places) and the banning of "A-boards".

More thoughts soon.



kath said... 7/11/2008 12:11 am  

I was in a shop recently and saw an ad for iPods which said "which one are you?"
Not which one suits you, or which one do you want, but which one ARE YOU. Weird.

mike said... 7/11/2008 9:11 am  

This proves my point exactly. The iPod is integrated into your identity.

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