Shovelling poo

No kidding. I got the following message just before Benny's wedding over the weekend.

Can the ushers please shovel the remaining cow poo from the path and guest area? Thanks. We did some of it tonight but too dark now.
Now at this point you probably think I'm having another winge... but I loved the informality of the whole wedding. It reminded me a little of the vibe that Christine and I had at our own wedding although I wore a tie for our wedding. Benny wore a black shirt with a thermal underneath. Embarrassingly I was easily the second best dressed person there with my tie (see above).

More importantly it was great to see Benny and Rachel tie the knot. Benny has been a great Chrsitian mate and help to me over the years and I know he deeply loves and cares for Rachel.


Another annoucemment...

Christine and I are having a baby. We're almost a month in. I'm filing this under shameless self promotion.


Hybrid rant...

Hybrids (as in cars) are being marketed to us as being the solution to everything from environmental problems to the high fuel prices. The reason goes "I'll buy a hybrid car to save money."

Toyota Prius Hybrid costs $37,000 and uses 4.4l/100kms
Toyota Corolla costs $20,990 and uses 7.4l/100kms. But based on the national average of 14,600km/year, and pricing fuel at $1.5ol you'll need to drive the Prius for 25 years to recoup it's cost...*
"Arr" says the skeptic, "but the Prius pollutes less over that time" and you'd be right according to wheels the Prius pumps 1477kg CO2 into the atmosphere/year and the Corolla 2485kg. But this doesn't factor increased amount of energy required to produce the more expensive Prius nor the disposal of the batteries and nasty chemicals at the end of the life of the car.

On the other hand you could buy a $21,490 diesel powered Hyundai i30, that drinks 4.7l/100kms and will pump 1853kg of CO2 into the atmosphere (not that different to the Prius).

My point is this if you want to be green about cars. It's complex, very complex.

*I got these figures from a wheels magazine to which I subscribe.


1 year on

Christine and I celebrate one year of marriage today. I love her more and more as each day passes I thought for the occasion that I'd dig this little beauty out of my archive of videos. Enjoy.


10 word story*

You are gone,
The world spins on.
It's not right.

*We found out the Christian Chaplain from Jane Franklin Hall died unexpectedly the other day. My mate Adam summed it up quite nicely.


firefox 3

is great except for...

  • The new interface...
  • it's too dark
  • there's not enough colour
  • it looks too much like safari.
  • there is currently a lack of compatible add ons.
  • the addons that are available are buggy
I just want firefox to look like it used to. Am I asking too much?


Secret forgiveness...

I've been a big fan of this website for a while. I really like the concept of sending in your deepest darkest secrets and telling them anonymously to the whole world. In the words from the site...

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.
I observed that people seem to seek to find a sense of peace and forgiveness. Here are a couple of quotes.
When I originally saw my secret posted on your Web site I suppose I thought I was going to find closure. Yet the real closure came a year later in this response. I had the support I needed all along in the heart of a stranger.
Or this
the Nice Girl told me that I would have to, somehow, forgive myself for having done this if I ever wanted to be a "whole person." In fact, she had a plan. She wanted me to mail in a postal card to your site, expressing my anguish and regret, exposing myself publicly so that I might finally cast off my shame and begin again.
It's really interesting how these people cry out for forgiveness and closure. The irony is or course that this kind of stuff can't really undo the past.

It got me thinking about Christian forgiveness. The forgiveness that Jesus offers can't undo my past wrongs but it gives so much more than a "feeling". I know that by Jesus wounds my guilt and shame have been paid for and dealt with forever. I have been truly and spiritually healed not only in this life but the one to come.


Benny's bucks... festivale

(That's Benny on the left and Nick on the right)

I went away with a few mates of Benny's up to Lake St Claire over night. We walked a little bit but mainly gorged ourselves on crackers, dip and our own body weight in cheese. It was a very enjoyable couple of days and possibly one of the best bucks nights I've had the pleasure of attending.

I took some pics... credit belongs to the Tassie wilderness for being so flipping beautiful.

This is what we did a lot of... hanging and chatting. I was relaxing.

Mikey loves bushwalking... he told me*.

The Narcissus Hut where we slept.

* This is a lie


Matt has a...

...Blog. He knows lots about coffee. That is all


Australian beer tasting...

...with Laura

Moo Brew Wheat Beer
Aroma: Bread!! Sweet banana, hay, honey, pineapple
Appearance: Very Cloudy, lemon yellow
Flavour: Sweet not as smooth as typical Hefeweizen

James Squire Porter
Ar: Dried fruit, coffee, astringent, figs, dates, molasses, toffee
Ap: Dark amber brown, creamy tan head (rapidly diminishing)
Fl: Molasses, dark sugar, dried fruit, sweetness, dirt in aftertaste. Soap, Very nice

James Boags Premium Lager
Ar: Skunk
Fl: Buttery a bit! Pretty well balanced

Cascade Premium Lager
Ar: Lager Skunk
Fl: Clean good texture, crystalline, wheat, ginger, very smooth.

Boags Draught
Ar: Fruity, clean, no skunk
Ap: Good white head (rapidly diminishing)
Fl: Winey, very smooth, pleasant, not much complexity.

Cascade Blonde Wheat Beer
Ar: Skunk, hops
Fl: Uh it’s a lager duder

Little Creatures Pale Ale
Ar: Good! Floral, citrus orange, classic hops
Ap: Too light not to much head
Fl: Well balanced, very pleasant, good wheat content. Nice citrusy flavour.


Today I have been..., vacuuming and tidying and I found $240 buried in a book on my bookshelf (which was nice).

Sweet! I don't have any recollection of putting it there but I usually hide money in crazy places and forget about it. I'll give myself a stupid award for this one.


I am on holidays...

... and so is Christine till the end of this week. We're going away somewhere nice this week... Oh and we went to Bruny Island the other day. I'll post some pictures and more info once I get my camera back from Laura.

In other news yesterday was my lovely wife's birthday. I did a few different things for her birthday rather than one big "gift".

  • We went out for dinner to Mojo restaurant
  • I bought her a flower
  • We went out to see the new Indiana Jones film (her choice).
  • I bought her a nice bottle of champagne.
  • Gave her lots of cuddles.
  • We also had a birthday toastie evening last night which was fun. (Again the pictures are all with Laura).


If I wrote...

this I would be more awesome.

In other news I am on holidays till the end of next week.



Earlier this afternoon

Laura: Angus is moving back to Hobart


Laura: Yeah apparently he quit his job.

Cool that'll be cool... but I just reckon he'll just bum round and play football manager with Dooda.

I just checked Angus' blog just now and guess what?

I want to get back and see all my old friends, play soccer, see movies, play Football Manager, go to parties, go to church, hang with my family, and just be part of Hobart again.
I am awesome


It's that time of year



I heart creativity

I have to come up with the name for a sermon series for Toilet Block Tuesdays which will cover the following topics...

  • Drugs
  • Self Image
  • Sex
  • Technology
  • Materialism
  • Sucess
  • Good deeds
AND good names for each individual sermon. Help me.


I'd like to blog more...

...but I don't have time


I'm not nerdy

From school report for "Information Processing" in grade 7...

Michael's late start to the year has meant that he has never fully come to grips with the usage of computers. This lack of understanding of basic computer operations has meant he is always a step or two behind in class exercises and therefore has not done well on the practical aspect of the course.
Classic stuff