Shovelling poo

No kidding. I got the following message just before Benny's wedding over the weekend.

Can the ushers please shovel the remaining cow poo from the path and guest area? Thanks. We did some of it tonight but too dark now.
Now at this point you probably think I'm having another winge... but I loved the informality of the whole wedding. It reminded me a little of the vibe that Christine and I had at our own wedding although I wore a tie for our wedding. Benny wore a black shirt with a thermal underneath. Embarrassingly I was easily the second best dressed person there with my tie (see above).

More importantly it was great to see Benny and Rachel tie the knot. Benny has been a great Chrsitian mate and help to me over the years and I know he deeply loves and cares for Rachel.



BSJ-rom said... 7/01/2008 9:12 pm  

You really do crack out the tie far too easily...

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