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It’s been a bit of a convoluted start to MTS at Crossroads. I’ve been feeling pretty run down burned out as well as bit crap about the whole leaving FOCUS thing. To make matters worse I got what is known at Jane as the “fresher flu”.

This one has knocked me down harder than usual. I spent about the last four days at home struggling in and out of bed. If you are inclined to pray for me that might be a particular avenue worth investigating.

The upside to being sick is that I’ve gotten a lot (read more than usual) of reading done as well as beginning a project of looking at harmonizing the resurrection accounts that I’ve been holding off on for about 12 months.

I’ve just finished 5 perspectives on the emerging church which I really liked. I might post a bit of review when I feel more able. I’m continuing to read parts of the books I posted that I was reading some back at Christmas. I must be one of the world’s slowest readers.

Today I’m stuck up at Jane on duty all day which means that I’m confined to the grounds of Jane. Speaking of confined… they have a crazy 1gig monthly download limit. Yup that’s right 1 gig for Christine and I. We were on a 12gig plan back at St Georges…sheesh. I’m off to do some more reading and watch TV.



With nothing to loose. So I decided to pull the sad little ipod apart. I used a small screwdriver and an old credit card to pry up the edge.

I carefully unplugged the (very small) hard-drive. You can see the pins in the picture above

In the picture above you can see the silver battery to the right

That's a view of the end of the hard-drive. I plugged it back in and clipped the whole thing back to together and...

It works! Thanks Shaun for the suggestion. If you want further instructions you can see some here.


Dead finally...

Christine's ipod has finally cracked it... and refuses to start up. It's one of the fisrt ipod photos with 40 gig of memory. She's had it for a long time

It refuses to start up either normally or in safe mode. I've tried re-booting it following the instructions here. All I get is the sad ipod icon.

Being an older ipod it's probably not really worth spending the money to get it fixed. It's all a bit sad.



I’ve been doing a little more riding lately and there’s nothing worse than the sound of a chain rattling on the stay of the bike. I’ve until today had a really old crusty one… but no longer I made my very own new one.

It used to be grey...

take one old busted inner tube

A couple of zip ties, scissors and some electrical tape.
  1. Cut the valve out of the old tube.
  2. Next cut the tube lengthwise.
  3. Then wrap the tube tightly around the chain stay making sure there's a little bit of overlap.
  4. When finished tape each end firmly with the electrical tape.
  5. Pull a zip tie tightly over the tape to keep everything from coming loose.

One free chain stay protector. No more clatter.


supportMIKE news VI

Dear Supporters

The big news is that after much consideration I have resigned my position at FOCUSutas as an MTS apprentice. I’ll be transferring the remainder of my apprenticeship over to Crossroads Presbyterian Church. My employment as part of the FOCUSutas team finished at the end of Feburary 2008

I decided that the best course of action would be for me to resign for a number of reasons. Firstly I’m a complex person who needs support in what I do. Sam by his admission wasn’t able to provide the level of support I needed in order to continue.

I have and will always have a great deal of respect for Sam and his learning knowledge and ministry. However being on the same page theologically sometimes just isn’t always enough and I’ve learned that my personality isn’t cut out for working with everyone.

Secondly, even though I was able to do a great deal of good at FOCUS it wasn’t good for my and Christine’s long term health and marital stability. I’m tired and worn out. I’d taken on to much responsibility working as a “co-worker” rather than an “apprentice”. (This was a mistake I made in my thinking as I went into MTS). I have much to learn and have made many mistakes. Please know that I’ve thought and prayed long and hard spent many nights lying awake thinking about this.

I’d like to thank you very much for all the support you’ve given me. You have enabled me to do a great work at FOCUSutas. As I discussed leaving FOCUSutas I was amazed my work has affected so many people. For this I owe thanks to God but also to you, the people who have supported me with prayer and finances for the last 12 months.

Financially AFES will finish paying me at the end of February 2008. From this date financial contributions on my behalf to AFES should be end. If you’d like to continue to financially support me please transfer your support over to Crossroads Presbyterian Church. (Crossroads Presbyterian Church BSB: 067 100, Account number: 10209867).

If you have any questions or queries or just like an ear to listen please feel free to drop me a line anytime.

Cheers and God Bless
Mike and Christine Jolly