I’ve been doing a little more riding lately and there’s nothing worse than the sound of a chain rattling on the stay of the bike. I’ve until today had a really old crusty one… but no longer I made my very own new one.

It used to be grey...

take one old busted inner tube

A couple of zip ties, scissors and some electrical tape.
  1. Cut the valve out of the old tube.
  2. Next cut the tube lengthwise.
  3. Then wrap the tube tightly around the chain stay making sure there's a little bit of overlap.
  4. When finished tape each end firmly with the electrical tape.
  5. Pull a zip tie tightly over the tape to keep everything from coming loose.

One free chain stay protector. No more clatter.



Laura said... 3/06/2008 2:04 am  

Handy guy, you are!

ckjolly said... 3/06/2008 10:05 am  

And I'm a DIY nurse. Last night I cut away some of the scab on his elbow so that he wouldn't get infected.

And I didn't even gag!!!

Laura said... 3/06/2008 3:02 pm  


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