I hate any facebook quiz*

I’ve recently been alerted to a new scourge that is tearing at the very fabric of society and the social and communicative norms on which the great Internet itself was founded. I’m talking about the facebook quiz. You probably think it’s harmless bit of fun but how wrong you are. I am convinced that every time someone takes a facebook quiz somewhere in the world a small cute cuddly furry animal dies**.

“Mike has just taken the ‘Which Couch are You Quiz’…” Really? Are you serious? Since when has a human being ever looked like a couch? How has knowing this useless piece of information enriched my life? Will I be able to sit on my friend next time I visit or bump into them in the street? I don’t think so. My life will continue just the same whether little Jonny is a leather armchair or a bar stool.

If you want to share useless information with the world, start a blog that’s what I did.

*I think I originally wrote this about a year ago
**I have no evidence for this


Does blogger even still work?

And more importantly does anyone read this blog?