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Germany was...

  • The Eagles Nest
  • Ich liebe dich
  • Es tut mir leid
  • Hirdy Girdy
  • Ich spreche nicht Deutsch
  • Summer rodelbahn
  • Cable cars
  • Hotel Bavaria
  • Crazy leaning windows
  • The salt mines
  • Bertchesgarden
  • Mini Cranes
  • More mini cranes
  • Did I mention that every town has a mini crane.
  • Fast trains
  • Getting married
  • Bobs sermons
  • Autobahns
  • Frankfurt airport
  • People smoking
  • People smoking in the Airport
  • The Sonnemann's
  • My naughty brother
  • Mark and Carmen
  • Casey and Jiri
  • Joel and my Bro
  • Hanover International Bible church (HIBC)
  • Lush beer (just for Laura)

And you know you’re in Germany when…

Driving at 120km/h feels slow…
And you are passed at 160km/h like you’re standing still...
And the car that passes you is a Holden Zafira diesel with kids inside.


I remember...*

...doing the same Worldview survey when I was in about 2nd year - I had just become a Christian. It was really really really good. Heaps of my friends took the surveys and filled them in and it turned into heaps of really awesome conversations about peoples' views.

It was good to open my eyes to the view of my friends and other people. And through conversations I discovered more about what I believed, and also my limitations! I found myself trying to explain my point of view, and being expected by my friends to have answers.

It was done in a really non-judgmental way. My friends didn't feel like they were having religion "shoved down their throats" or anything, I actually enjoyed the opportunity to discuss their thoughts with friends.

I think it also made me realise how empty a lot of people's beliefs are, and how little hope some views offer them. That made me even more glad to be a Christian and thankful to God.

*An anonymous guest post


I just don't feel like it...

If you've ever felt like you aren't up to a task then I feel your pain. I've been organising and planning massive evagelsitic drive (The Worldview Survey) down at the Uni for the last few months. Now I sit on the cusp of an event of which to be honest I feel scared of. Most of all I just don't feel like doing it. I feel like running hiding under a rock until it all blows over.

But I'm not going to...

I'm not going to cave into temptation.
I'm not taking the easy road out.
I'm not giving up.
I am a leader and God has called me to that position, I must lead by example even when I don't feel adequate for the task.
I know that I am going to do the Worldview survey because how I feel doesn't rule and dictate terms to me and my life. I don't serve my feelings but my creator who loved and died for me when I didn't deserve it.
I have confidence in the Worldview survey itself as an excellent tool for effective evangelism.
I have confidence because the advertising, posters and presentation is great.
I have confidence in the efforts my brothers and sisters at FOCUS that they are adequate to the task.
I have confidence in myself and abilities that God has given me to talk to people and to be an effective evangelist.
I have confidence because I have worked hard to prepare myself and my brain for the big task.
I have confidence in God who is greater than myself and my efforts.
I have confidence in the gospel and I'm nor ashamed to call myself a Christian.
I have confidence in the Bible that God's word speaks powerfully to people today.
I have confidence in the power of prayer.
Lastly I have confidence in you the reader sitting in front of your computer at home that you'll also cry out to the God of the Universe to save people down at the University as we critique their Worldviews and bring the gospel to bear on their lives. May God be glorified.

Worldview Survey @ Utas Ref steps
Monday 11am-2pm
Wednesday 11am-1pm


We're taking questions

Christine and I are that is....

(See here)


Famous Quotes..

facebook is outstripping google as a means of deceiving yourself into believing that you are falling back into the roots of past relationships.


Teenagers love myspace because they can make it look like their rooms ie. a huge mess.



More freaking wedding pics

But these ones are taken by the professional photographer...

This picture really shows how I felt about the photo experience (it took 2 hours)

This would be my favorite of Christine and I

Let's have a competition for the best caption/thought bubble for this picture... what am I thinking?


New Crossroads meeting...

It's edgy, cool, laid back, university, all new, experimental, dangerous, sermon not Bible study, minimalistic, stripped back, praying into existence, Bible, evangelistic, messy hair, sun glasses, thinking, real authentic relationships, no music, thoughtful engagement with culture, integrity, Mark Driscoll, movie reviews... others?


What boredom is this?

If you haven't been watching Le Tour on SBS you are crazy. For all you sports mad dutchies (and non dutchies) you should be be tuning in the SBS for the nightly highlights package. Each stage is also broadcast live every night.

Why are you crazy? Well for those who don't know Australia's Cadel Evans has figured prominently this year in contention for an overall win. Currently he sits 3.04 min adrift of the yellow jersey in third place. So tune in and cheer for Cadel.


Naughty Mike

Sometimes I get tired and bored which leads to naughtiness. So Dave and I snuck a few pics during the wedding ceremony. This was the view from my seat.

Dave during the wedding...

A self portrait just before I left the dressing room to get married. (My Mum and Dad would love this photo.)

Apparently I look like an Emu taking a dump in this one...

There are more (serious) pictures on facebook if you add me.


This was where you were sitting...

For all you bloggers (and would be bloggers) might have thought you were left unrepresented at the Jolly wedding... alas you would be wrong.
Enter Meredith a blogger who has been following our relationship since day one. She came over from the UK for the wedding. You can check out her report here enjoy.

She also took the following pictures...


I barrack* for Hawthorn

Ok so we lost yesterday but hey it's been a long time between drinks for my favorite footy team. But we are finally at the pointy end of the ladder. I started barracking for the Hawks back in 1985 when my school uniform was brown and yellow. I left that school soon after but stayed true to the Hawks ever since.

I should also mention that our Tasmanian state Government sponsors the Hawks too. Crazy I know but that's the Tasmanian Labor Government for you. Enuff politics. Go the Hawks.

*For the Americans "barracking" is like "rooting for". "Rooting" means something very different in Australia.


Married, Busy, Stuff

Where have I been? I know what you're thinking... "Now he's married he's going all dismal"... Well let the cynical reader know I have not become "all dismal". I still stay up late and people still come round to visit.

Being married to Christine is strange. It's kinda like being married to ya best friend (except there are benefits*). Again the transition into married life has been a pretty smooth one which is reason to give thanks to God.

So where have I been? Why the lack of blogging? I'm not sure to be honest. It hasn't been like a conscious break nor has it been for lack of inspiration. I guess I have been pretty busy that's been nice.

We've been looking for a house. I've looked at a few so far but none have really cut it. They either seem to be too expensive or in the wrong place or just a bit too yucky. Now that might sound picky but I am in the first year of marriage and I figure I can be a little picky.

Speaking of picky I've also been starring Christine's entire i-tunes library while trying to persuade her that Michael Bubble (sic) is the anti Christ.

To my horror I did a budget for the first time and realized this MTS thing is going to see us slide backward into savings. This is ok as we have savings but it's not ideal. I guess it's been a time of counting the cost.

Oh one thing before I go you must absolutely get facebook if you haven't already you are a crazy person.

*I'm talking about her cooking you sickos


Last year this time

This time last year I posted about this (here). Christine and I weren't even going out. Looking back I guess the shoe thing was a blatant grasp for the attention of a girl I loved. I remember Damon and I having a conversation.

"Hey man there's this girl...."
"Oh right" (Damo nods his head)
"Um.... I'm thinking of asking her out."
"Right, that's good then."
"And she also kinda lives in America..."
"WOW!" (I think Damos jaw dropped a little)

Damo and I then preceded to have a great chat before praying about the year ahead. And yep a year ago tomorrow a beautiful woman named Christine finally (I nagged for ages) downloaded Skype so that good old supportMIKE could actually talk with her... before stating the obvious
"Christine... (long pause) I like you"


MYC 07

FOCUS MYC 2007 (spot the celebrity gatecrasher) for those who weren't in the pic

Against the advice of many... I went anyway to the FOCUS flagship event. Christine and I both had a ripper time. Although we're both tired we haven't regretted it for a moment.
  • Ripper talks (Sam)
  • The sovereignty of God.
  • Ripper Seminars. (Sam)
  • Building great new friendships.
  • Good food and plenty of it.
  • Nice pictures
  • Cold
  • Jolly's get an upgrade to "The Villa" (Just the same as the rest actually)
  • Our lush new doona (as chosen by me)
Christine and I get arty... (oh the boots!)

and again
and again
bored yet?

Tomorrow I think I might find somewhere to live...


Thankyou. It was a lovely wedding

Thankyou to all the wonderful people who emailed messaged us for our wedding. Your thoughts and prayers were much appreciated. Thanks also for the generous cash donations for our honeymoon. We were really blessed.

Christine and I look forward to returning to Australia tomorrow. We've had a great restful and enjoyable time. In the mean time here are some pics for your enjoyment. More to follow soon.


This is why

I don't dance...

I'll give myself a stupid award for this one.