I remember...*

...doing the same Worldview survey when I was in about 2nd year - I had just become a Christian. It was really really really good. Heaps of my friends took the surveys and filled them in and it turned into heaps of really awesome conversations about peoples' views.

It was good to open my eyes to the view of my friends and other people. And through conversations I discovered more about what I believed, and also my limitations! I found myself trying to explain my point of view, and being expected by my friends to have answers.

It was done in a really non-judgmental way. My friends didn't feel like they were having religion "shoved down their throats" or anything, I actually enjoyed the opportunity to discuss their thoughts with friends.

I think it also made me realise how empty a lot of people's beliefs are, and how little hope some views offer them. That made me even more glad to be a Christian and thankful to God.

*An anonymous guest post



Jason said... 7/27/2007 9:15 am  

That sounds like someone I know...

Stan and Clare said... 7/27/2007 2:19 pm  

Kind of reminds me of something the university christian I used to be involved in created.

Can be found here:


Erica said... 7/27/2007 3:17 pm  

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your post yesterday, I know the feeling and YES you can do it (obviously in God's strength, not your own). Don't really know what is going on with the survey yet, but I and many others are pumped. I saw the chalk writing on the footpath yesterday - nice teaser.

Praying for it and looking forward to it :)

God Bless, Erica

TUUTSO said... 7/30/2007 5:49 pm  

Hey Mike,
how did it turn out today?! looking forward to wednesdays run?
God Bless, I'll keep praying!

Alan said... 7/30/2007 5:51 pm  

Oops.. wrong account :-S

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