I just don't feel like it...

If you've ever felt like you aren't up to a task then I feel your pain. I've been organising and planning massive evagelsitic drive (The Worldview Survey) down at the Uni for the last few months. Now I sit on the cusp of an event of which to be honest I feel scared of. Most of all I just don't feel like doing it. I feel like running hiding under a rock until it all blows over.

But I'm not going to...

I'm not going to cave into temptation.
I'm not taking the easy road out.
I'm not giving up.
I am a leader and God has called me to that position, I must lead by example even when I don't feel adequate for the task.
I know that I am going to do the Worldview survey because how I feel doesn't rule and dictate terms to me and my life. I don't serve my feelings but my creator who loved and died for me when I didn't deserve it.
I have confidence in the Worldview survey itself as an excellent tool for effective evangelism.
I have confidence because the advertising, posters and presentation is great.
I have confidence in the efforts my brothers and sisters at FOCUS that they are adequate to the task.
I have confidence in myself and abilities that God has given me to talk to people and to be an effective evangelist.
I have confidence because I have worked hard to prepare myself and my brain for the big task.
I have confidence in God who is greater than myself and my efforts.
I have confidence in the gospel and I'm nor ashamed to call myself a Christian.
I have confidence in the Bible that God's word speaks powerfully to people today.
I have confidence in the power of prayer.
Lastly I have confidence in you the reader sitting in front of your computer at home that you'll also cry out to the God of the Universe to save people down at the University as we critique their Worldviews and bring the gospel to bear on their lives. May God be glorified.

Worldview Survey @ Utas Ref steps
Monday 11am-2pm
Wednesday 11am-1pm