Last year this time

This time last year I posted about this (here). Christine and I weren't even going out. Looking back I guess the shoe thing was a blatant grasp for the attention of a girl I loved. I remember Damon and I having a conversation.

"Hey man there's this girl...."
"Oh right" (Damo nods his head)
"Um.... I'm thinking of asking her out."
"Right, that's good then."
"And she also kinda lives in America..."
"WOW!" (I think Damos jaw dropped a little)

Damo and I then preceded to have a great chat before praying about the year ahead. And yep a year ago tomorrow a beautiful woman named Christine finally (I nagged for ages) downloaded Skype so that good old supportMIKE could actually talk with her... before stating the obvious
"Christine... (long pause) I like you"



BSJ-rom said... 7/14/2007 8:01 pm  

Awww shucks mate.

Jonny said... 7/16/2007 9:25 pm  

And don't forget I had to tell you she would have an American accent before you talked to her. "No, she said she doesn't have an accent". lol Sorry mate.

Tracy said... 7/17/2007 5:59 pm  

I just caught up on all the events and your wedding. Congratulations to you both. I hope that you are settling into life together smoothly.

Laura said... 7/20/2007 11:40 pm  

Mike your blog is getting BORING.

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