Married, Busy, Stuff

Where have I been? I know what you're thinking... "Now he's married he's going all dismal"... Well let the cynical reader know I have not become "all dismal". I still stay up late and people still come round to visit.

Being married to Christine is strange. It's kinda like being married to ya best friend (except there are benefits*). Again the transition into married life has been a pretty smooth one which is reason to give thanks to God.

So where have I been? Why the lack of blogging? I'm not sure to be honest. It hasn't been like a conscious break nor has it been for lack of inspiration. I guess I have been pretty busy that's been nice.

We've been looking for a house. I've looked at a few so far but none have really cut it. They either seem to be too expensive or in the wrong place or just a bit too yucky. Now that might sound picky but I am in the first year of marriage and I figure I can be a little picky.

Speaking of picky I've also been starring Christine's entire i-tunes library while trying to persuade her that Michael Bubble (sic) is the anti Christ.

To my horror I did a budget for the first time and realized this MTS thing is going to see us slide backward into savings. This is ok as we have savings but it's not ideal. I guess it's been a time of counting the cost.

Oh one thing before I go you must absolutely get facebook if you haven't already you are a crazy person.

*I'm talking about her cooking you sickos



BSJ-rom said... 7/22/2007 1:38 pm  

I have face book. And I am a crazy person.

Jonny said... 7/22/2007 2:51 pm  

Facebook is bad, and so are blogs. In fact you should only be using the internet for studies related to your course that you are enrolled in.

Generation Y are going downhill, and employers are not impressed.

Meredith said... 7/22/2007 7:39 pm  

Recently at Oxford, the university authorities have used FB photos to bring disciplinary charges against students who broke the rules for trashing after finals. Trashing is throwing stuff on your mates after their last exams -- stuff like eggs,flour, alcohol, other weird stuff. Some people just do confetti and water but whatever. Anyway, some of these people thought they were done, but now are facing fines and graduation put in jeopardy... so the student union has been sending out instructions for increasing privacy settings on FB to protect people. Anyway, Mike, if you are working with students and universities really are into spying on them, FB is a tool of choice. Fyi.

So good that you are a techie..

Pryderi said... 7/22/2007 10:37 pm  

Actually, Michael Buble is the devil.

Jonny said... 7/22/2007 11:08 pm  

I will leave my picture on facebook for a bit, and take it down just before doing something illegal.

BSJ-rom said... 7/23/2007 9:01 am  

You will make a fine engineer Jonny, with that sort of forward thinking.

Donners said... 7/24/2007 12:50 pm  

"I'm talking about her cooking you sickos"

don't you think it's GOOD that people associate sex with marriage?? isn't that the bible's emphasis? (end rant)...

if you just hung around cooking I'd be worried!! (ohh, is there enough pineapple in her cooking?? ;))

Pryderi said... 7/24/2007 2:40 pm  

Don't encourage him Amy! We already know enough about Mike & Christine's marriage as it is.

mike said... 7/24/2007 6:03 pm  

Amy it was a joke

Donners said... 7/27/2007 5:01 pm  

Glad to hear it... ( images of poor christine hunched over stoves with disinterested husband ignoring her are banished....)

I know :)

anthony said... 8/03/2007 12:42 am  

"I've also been starring Christine's entire i-tunes library"

nice one. lead your wife, deprive her of any her own taste in music as an individual. She should follow yours, as you follow Paul's as he followed Christ's (taste in music, that is..).

mike said... 8/03/2007 4:11 pm  

I'm not sure of the spirit of your post. But I'm happy to say that her music is on my computer and she didn't have a problem with me doing that.

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