No computer... what to do Part 2

One of the other benefits of having no computer was that I spent more time reading and praying. In fact compared to through the year I've been reading heaps. Amazingly I've even been reading some books that relate to my hobbies (I hate that word) rather than my ministry and Christian life.

Anyway here's a few pickies... Also the facial expression helps to give the review.

Jeremy Clarkson what a crack up. If you haven't seen Top Gear (Coming to SBS 8th January) or more specifically him on it you haven't lived. It's the car show for non car people. In fact it's only the fun police and caravan owners who ever have a problem with this show. This book* is a collection of his ramblings in the Sunday Times. He's an opinionated, passionate and humourous and I like that. He's the kind of bloke who you'll either love or hate.

I've really enjoyed this book. Dickson is one of my favourite writers for his simple straight forward easy to understand style. My brother gave me two Dickson's books for my birthday.

I've read most of World Religions and I like it. Although Dickson is a Christian he gives a very balanced account of the big five major religions in the world (Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam). He concludes the book with a broadside critique of pluralism rather than an Christian evangelistic pitch which was refreshing. This is an awesome book to give a non-Christian mate especially one who is sensitive to "bashing". Dickson is a very sensitive and careful evangelist just the bloke for sensitive situation.

This puppy on Jesus I haven't read as much of (Thus the shrug in the picture). I've heard stuff about Dickson's theology which has recently made me more cautious about what he writes. I stared by having a flick through the stuff on the atonement, judgment and hell and so far it look ok. I'll post about it in some more detail some time in the new year.

* You can grab a copy for ten bucks from Benny @ Fullers



Astrid said... 12/30/2007 2:49 pm  

hey mike I have another clarkson book the world according to clarkson if you want to borrow it sometime - it has some classic articles.

I recently read 666 and all that partly authored by dickson I thought it was very good. It dispelled a lot of end of time myths - I haven't heard any concerns about his theology what are they?

Benny said... 12/31/2007 9:41 pm  

Sorry Mike, we're all out....but can I do a deal for you on a biography of Jean Paul Sartre in relationship to Simone de Beauvoir!

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