Christmas confessional

Christine and I were very blessed to get many good wishes and presies over Christmas. We spent Christmas day with my parents having slept in (I worked Christmas Eve). A big thank you to all the people who sent cards, and presies etc.

On Boxing day I went and spent a JB Hi Fi voucher my brother gave me, on some CDs and DVDs. So now I have a couple of confessions to make...

I bought this which I really like. I watch it almost as soon as I got home because it's just so funny. It's easily a four star (note the four fingers) film.

I also bought this film. It has a similar concept to The Matrix but appeared back in 1998. Four stars (or fingers) from me for Dark City.

Most shamefully I bought this (it was cheap).

I'm Sorry to say but I actually like this. Later albums I found are rubbish, but this is my little pop indulgence and for that I'll give myself a stupid award. This isn't the worst CD I own by any means... but before I own up maybe you should...



psychodougie said... 12/30/2007 4:04 pm  

i must confess i also enjoy rocking along to avril, whenever my pastor's itunes is nearby, tho i couldn't actually go and buy it for myself - i would melt in shame long before i got to the counter!

i did find dark city interesting, but not as far above the rest as fans thereof seem to place it.

good to see you enjoyed your Christmas spoil!

The Borg said... 12/31/2007 12:34 pm  

I didn't think Dark City was that great. A pre-Matrix movie that is good though is The 13th Floor. Well, I liked it.

I own heaps of CDs I perhaps should be embarrassed by, but I'm not. Two JT albums, heaps of Synth, Gwen Stefani, crappy Australian music...

Pryderi said... 12/31/2007 1:00 pm  

The worst CD I own is a John Butler Trio album...

ckjolly said... 12/31/2007 1:39 pm  

Mike failed to mention that BOTH of us REALLY like the movie Hot Fuzz.

I hadn't seen Dark City before ... the style reminded me a bit of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow ... it was a bit trippy but I wouldn't call it a fave.

You have no idea how often Mike has played Avril's album since he bought it.


Tracy said... 1/01/2008 7:23 am  

And those movies are 4 stars out of how many? 5 I presume? I've been curious about Hot Fuzz. i'll have to be sure to watch it now.

mike said... 1/01/2008 11:03 am  

Yup it's out of 5 stars.

Ooo I should mention that Hot Fuzz has a bit of swearing and some squeamish blood and guts moments. In it's defense it uses some very clever black humor to do it.

I really enjoyed this film and I'll e re-watching it.

Don said... 1/02/2008 6:45 pm  

Tiffany...I think we're alone now

You got a problem with that?

jnibby said... 1/02/2008 8:55 pm  

hey feebs im also a fan of that Avril album, I think it has some good songs on it>>> im with you all the way

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