Another annoucemment...

Christine and I are having a baby. We're almost a month in. I'm filing this under shameless self promotion.



Erica said... 6/29/2008 5:01 pm  

Congrats to you both. That is such exciting news!

Angus said... 6/29/2008 5:31 pm  

Congratulations! Nice work! that's really good news :)

Anonymous said... 6/30/2008 10:52 am  

how fantastic! congratulations!

Bron said... 6/30/2008 11:56 am  

Wow! Awesome news :)

aus_chick said... 6/30/2008 11:43 pm  


BSJ-rom said... 7/01/2008 9:11 pm  

Congratulations to you both! Ahh the excitement!

Renae said... 7/01/2008 9:11 pm  

I only just read this! Well done! I am SO happy for you!

Don said... 7/02/2008 2:14 pm  

Congratulations! And, Happy Anniversary.

You are now a father!!!

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