firefox 3

is great except for...

  • The new interface...
  • it's too dark
  • there's not enough colour
  • it looks too much like safari.
  • there is currently a lack of compatible add ons.
  • the addons that are available are buggy
I just want firefox to look like it used to. Am I asking too much?



Jason said... 6/24/2008 6:06 pm  

Well on the flipside, I love it.

-It looks a damn sight better than it used to and not at all like Safari in my opinion.

-Not enough colour where? Its a browser, I would expect it to be minimalistic so as not to detract from what is being viewed.

-I use all of my normal add-ons that haven't been brought into FF3's standard feature set with absolutely no trouble at all.
- Better Greader, , IETab, , Stylish, Chatzilla, Faviconize Tab etc.

-Add ons are being updated on a regular basis. The new version only just came out, it takes time to get the add-ons updated and tested - more than a couple of days.

Having said all of that, browser choice is very subjective. Maybe you should have a go at the new ?

mike said... 6/24/2008 8:25 pm  

Easy Tiger. You have a PC. The GUI is different. I installed Firefox 3 on the Office computer and it looks very good.

The GUI in the Firefox for OS X however is pretty yuck and looks like Safari. If I wanted a Safari looking browser I'd use Safari.

aus_chick said... 6/24/2008 11:36 pm  

oh, i really like it. but then, i'm using it on a pc and i'm not getting the same bugs as you. some of my plugins have been a little bit funky, but i was able to find replacements for the most part.

You can download a new skin if you don't like the default one.

Jason said... 6/24/2008 11:45 pm  

Having re-read that, it sounds a bit more aggressive than I meant it.
I just wanted to put forward an opposing opinion to generate some healthy debate.

Also, the final line should read "Maybe you should have a go at the new ?".

As aus_chick said, there are a plethora of other skins that
you can download - I assume the same is true for OSX.

Jason said... 6/24/2008 11:51 pm  

Um, I have no idea why those anchors aren't rendering the link.

Axel and Manny said... 6/25/2008 12:14 pm  

hey mike, can you just reinstall an older version?? i agree with everything that jason said, am on a PC too, thats the big difference. if you think 3.0 is buggy, the beta version i trial was about 10 times worse!!

Jonny said... 6/28/2008 10:46 pm  

What's Firefox?

mike said... 6/29/2008 3:14 pm  

Like Microsoft Explorer but better.

Angus said... 6/29/2008 5:36 pm  

It's kinda more fiery, and definitely foxier.

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