Bad Fashion #3

The tuck
This is another really bad mistake. The problem is that this can be ok if the shirt is a proper shirt with a proper tie. Unfortunately though most fashion victims make the mistake of doing this with a t-shirt or similar (see above). Most worryingly are parents who force their children to commit this faux pas condemning them to a life of ridicule and social awkwardness.



Adam said... 5/14/2008 10:59 pm  

Hey Mike,

I tuck my shirt in. I think it goes alright. I think the black shoes help (in more casual shoes I wouldn't tuck my shirt in).

Just sayin'.


mike said... 5/15/2008 11:24 am  

I's agree the type of footwear has a bearing on whether to tuck or not.

Would you tuck a polo though?
Ooo also would you tuck a shirt in if it didn't have a belt?

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