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I have a feeling that Christian blokes I think are more in danger of falling into the pornography trap than other blokes. This is for a number of reasons let me try and explain.

  • The Bible and Christians (rightly) have a high view of sex meaning it should only take place in the context of marriage.
  • This means that many young blokes have to wait until they are older and so must suppress sexual desire.
  • During this time the temptation to have an outlet for desire becomes difficult and a struggle.
Therefore pornography becomes the outlet because…
  • Porn is so readily accessible on the Internet. It’s there in your junk email box everyday.
  • It can be viewed in private isolation. “No one needs to know”
  • It’s also detached form of viewing. There is no emotional attachment to the people concerned.
  • It’s really easy to justify it to your conscious “its not hurting anyone”.
You can check out some porn statistics here.



Seumas Macdonald said... 4/27/2008 12:10 pm  

thanks for the links to the stats, Mike. it's really easy to assume that people are doing okay or that this isn't a problem, and really hard to think that a sizeable proportion of the christian guys in my church probably are struggling with this. stats help remind me of our depravity.

Laura said... 4/27/2008 12:34 pm  

It's incredibly easy to hide, for a person to go home and look at porn while maintaining the outer appearance of holiness -- which is one of the reasons I think it's so rarely dealt with in most churches. It's easier (like with all hidden sin) just to let people believe you're ok.

I also think that because of the spectacular amount of guilt associated with sexual sin (even Paul puts sexual sin in a different category than other sin - 1 Cor 6:18), it's that much more difficult to confess. I think pride (and fear, shame, etc.) prevents so many people from confessing those sins to one another, and thus prevents them from receiving the freedom that comes from confession and accountability.

Anonymous said... 11/14/2009 8:30 am  
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