Yamba Maclean Mission 2007

(All pics taken by Dave except the ones he is in)

Eight years is a long time... That is how long I’ve been doing the YMAC mission. Once again I spent a week working with Aboriginal kids in Yamba and Maclean. We rang singing, gross games, a play, bible lessons, crafts. The leaders on the camp mostly come from Reformed Churches in NSW although there a few younger ones from some pentecostal churches.

(Maclean is picturesque)

(Playing with the kids)

(Big group time at Maclean)

(The teen girls group)

(Big group time again. You might notice the banner from this or this post in the middle of the year.)

(Mikestine on a short break)

  • The gospel was proclaimed.
  • Some kids made decisions to follow Christ.
  • But most amazingly and thankfully the local Presie Church agreed to follow them up. This has been a great answer to prayer. I’ve been personally battling to get this happening for about 4 years now.
  • It was again great to have such a great team come together.
  • I got to do a couple of devotions (1 Cor 15 and Rom 10)
  • Dave (my bro) as usual enters into his own being the funny guy and generally doing an awesome job with the teenage aboriginal kids.
(Dave, Da Mels and Ingrid)

(Dave and Dane)

  • The Tassie crew this year were fantastic and gave me great joy (Dave J, Da Mels, Dave W, Isaac)

(Da Mels)

(Isaac, Dave W and Christine)

Most importantly Christine was there.

  • The Bible Lessons weren’t exactly evangelistic. Rather they were based around Christian values (Encouragement, Generosity, etc) This was frustrating as it’s difficult to bring the gospel to bear on these subjects. Stay tunned for a more evangelistic series of lessons written by me for YMAC 08.
  • I was very tired at the end.
Some of the kids...

Overall the relationships between the returning leaders and kids have developed greatly over the years. This makes the witness more effective. The older kids are especially more open to discussing Christian matters than back when I started coming.

Keep praying that God can work powerfully to transform the aboriginal communities of Yamba and Maclean by his gospel.

(All pics taken by Dave except the ones he is in)



Nixter said... 1/17/2007 3:29 pm  

It sounds awesome, praise God.

Angus said... 1/17/2007 6:16 pm  

Good to see Zac and Dave and the Mels there too!

BSJ-rom said... 1/17/2007 6:36 pm  

-sob- I wish I had been there.

Hopefully I will return next year - ok, so I want to return next year, but things will probably turn out so that I can't. Something to pray about, I suppose.

Is everyone there well? Were the Zylstras still going strong?

Mike Jolly said... 1/17/2007 8:02 pm  

The Zylstra's were going ok rather than strong. At the moment they are trying to get out of the work they doing because of health problems. Keep them in your prayers.

Calico_Rabbit said... 1/18/2007 10:59 am  

What a huge encouragement to read your post; praise God for his word proclaimed through you and others there! Tell the Mels I have babysitting work for them when they return home, if they're interested (seriously) ;)

Radagast said... 1/18/2007 6:39 pm  

Thanks for posting!

Laura said... 1/21/2007 5:49 am  

Great to hear what y'all are doing! We miss you!

And that is a SUPER-hot farmer tan, Moik.

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