Mission and Strategy 3.0

Following on from here and here I'm going to gradually post up all of the detail from the FOCUS Mission and Strategy Document.

Bible teaching (Staff)
Bible Teaching is primarily the responsibility of the staff at FOCUS. We desire to see our mission achieved through systematic, faithful, preaching and teaching of the Bible to all people. This comes about through staff exposition of the Bible on a weekly basis with an emphasis on working through whole books, allowing the Bible to set the agenda, and modelling confidence in the word of God. The culmination of this goal is a weeklong conference in the middle of each University year (MYC) and the National Training Event (NTE) at the end of the University year. In addition individuals are encouraged to be regularly reading the Bible and attending church.

Training (Staff)
FOCUS values training as vitally important to Christian growth at University. We encourage students to cultivate a tertiary understanding of the Bible and Christian doctrine. To facilitate this, the FOCUS staff form groups of members for the purpose of training in different aspects of the Christian life. There is an emphasis on the staff equipping members with the skills to be faithful to their local church, as well as becoming discerning citizens who live in the world.



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