Mission and Strategy 2.0

FOCUS' aim is to promote the mission of Christ at the University of Tasmania by building an evangelical student group that:
• Evangelises students by proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord.
• Encourages growth toward maturity in Christ.
• Train students in the skills and character to serve Jesus and his people.
• Send graduates throughout Australia and the world to serve Christ.
(This is pretty much the same as the AFES Mission)

This spells out how we want to achieve our mission and is more FOCUSutas specific. The first two are the responsibility of the staff*. The second two are shared in responsibility. The final three are delegated to the students and student committee.

  • Bible teaching (Staff)
  • Training (Staff)
  • Evangelism (Shared)
  • Support (Shared)
  • Community (Students)
  • Prayer (Students)
  • Discipleship (Students)
Each part of the strategy is spelled out in more detail in the document. If you'd like a sneak copy let me know.

*I'm talking about primary responsibility. This doesn't mean that students or the staff are therefore excluded from these things.



Chris said... 10/31/2007 11:42 am  

Hey Mike
i'd be interested in having a look at the full document.

Then i'd love to make some comments ;)

Anonymous said... 10/31/2007 2:18 pm  

Don't let Chris have a copy - he'll get all controversial again :P

Alan said... 11/01/2007 11:50 am  

hehe, who said that? :P
reminds me of the 'imagine project'

Laura said... 11/01/2007 12:20 pm  

Very good, Mike.

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