Music for in the Spaceship

Reviewing a mates stuff will always be difficult to do. On the one hand if I'm too critical it might jeopardise the friendship, but then I might give a raving review because I'm biased. So what do I think of Anthony Rochester's new album Music for In the Spaceship?

Well I reckon this album is actually really good. The standout for me would be the opening song "I Love you Baby". With a nice happy tune with a catchy riff. "Lipscombe Larder" is catchy and filled with mentions of local places and things, and includes the line (that should be dedicated to his brother) "I don't know what the engine in my car is. I just press go."

I loved the old school album art drawn by Brandon (Ant's Nephew).

Overall the album represents more a move toward the pop genre but in a good way. I personally think that Anthony's music is better listened to on CD than live. Grab a CD now... except you can't cause he's on tour till January. In the mean time you can hear Ant's music here or on myspace.



Renae said... 10/31/2007 11:31 pm  

I listened to the Lipscombe Larder song on Anthony's myspace. It is very catchy. Quite liked it. A few lines stayed stuck in my head for awhile.

Alan said... 11/01/2007 11:50 am  

It was funny at the Focus Pot Luck Formal.. :P

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