Mission and Strategy

Having an idea of exactly what a ministry is looking aiming to do is important. For most of the second half of this year I've been trying to get something that articulates the mission and strategy of FOCUSutas. While there are some AFES documents like this, none of them are specific in describing the distinct flavour of FOCUSutas headed up by Sam.

This brought Sam, Damon and myself to sitting down over the last few weeks and doing some hard thinking about the ministry. I also interviewed 9 students on their views on the strengths and weaknesses of FOCUS. The five or so pages of feedback were used in coming up with the new Mission and Strategy for FOCUS.

It won't be earth shatteringly changing, but it captures what FOCUS looks like now. It will enable us to see clearly what the responsibilities of the staff, students are. Most importantly it spells out clearly the responsibilities for the student committee, empowering them to become active participants in the Ministry. This will ensure that next year will one of the best in a long time.



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