Mission and Strategy 4.0

The shared strategy...

Evangelism (Shared)
Our evangelism is concerned with the clear, truthful and loving proclamation of the Bible as the Word of God to all students, both local and international. In doing so we seek to evangelise the lost and present a rigorous, consistent and coherent Christian worldview. This functions in also building students’ confidence in their faith and in the Bible as the word of God. This is achieved as staff lovingly, but boldly defend Christianity from the attacks of the secular world. Individual FOCUS members are encouraged in friendship and one-to-one evangelism, with the staff taking responsibility to lead by example.

Support (Shared)
It is vital that FOCUS is properly supported through prayer, finance, administration, and local church commitment to the FOCUS vision. Staff and the Area Committee accept the primary responsible for the administration of FOCUS mission as well fundraising. Students are expected to participate when called upon and where possible seek opportunities to promote the FOCUS’ mission and strategy both formally and informally in their local church context.



Anonymous said... 11/08/2007 12:24 pm  

Hey bro, this probably isn't the best place to give my feedback, but i'll try and catch you in the flesh some time!

but i was just thinking, the evangelism point should mention the cross. although its important to proclaim the Bible as God's word and that belief in the saving work of Christ's death and resurrection should flow out of such a belief in the Bible. I think its important to be extremely clear about what exactly evangelism means, ie. substitutionary atonement and stuff. I reckon its important to be clear on this as its the centre of our faith, the centre of God's word, and the only way someone can be declared righteous in God's sight. To not mention it in our strategy document runs the risk of assuming this stuff, this needs to be clear and spelt out repeatedly. you know, its the whole second generation assumes it, etc. thing. I know its spelt out in the doctrine statement and stuff, but i reckon it should be spelt out in them all, especially ones we are creating ourselves.

sorry if i'm sounding all preachy and presbyterian, but you know how i'd say it in my real voice. and i'm totally pumped for this strategy stuff too! Its just i reckon its good to be really clear in the basics like this. anyway, theres some of my thoughts.

gwyd :)

mike said... 11/08/2007 12:44 pm  

Hey Gwyd thanks for the thoughts much appreciated. Your points are very well made.

However I'd say a couple of things. Firstly given the fact this is NOT a "doctrinal document" but rather a "strategy document" it doesn't seem to be particualrly appropriate to mention (important though it is).

The role of doctrinal clarity is fulfilled by the AFES Doctrinal statement. Which does, very much take care of the idea of penal substitutionary atonement.

The strategy document isn't a replacement of the AFES Doctrinal Statement but rather an extension of it.

Having said all that I'll give it some more thought.

mike said... 11/08/2007 12:46 pm  

Here's the link for the AFES Doctrinal Statement

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