Mission and Strategy 5.0

Over to the students...

Community (Students)
Community is a vitally important part of FOCUS’ ministry, expressing that we are a loving spiritual family united to Christ. While staff led events will contribute to this, it remains the primarily the responsibility of the members of FOCUS with particular emphasis on the Student Committee. The Committee, in consultation with the staff, is responsible for formally organising community activities over each semester. These events serve to unite the many varied groups and people within FOCUS. Individual members are also encouraged to informally organise regular social events.

Prayer (Students)
FOCUS looks to prayer as vitally important, not just as a devotional activity but as the cornerstone to all that we do. The student committee accepts leadership and the primary responsibility for this aspect of the ministry. The Staff have the responsibility to model this. Regular member-led prayer meetings are held throughout the semester with a focus on encouraging students to work hard at personal prayer as a discipline.

Discipleship (Students)
FOCUS values discipleship. Our discipleship is chiefly done on an informal basis relying on the strength of a functional efficient student committee. At the same time individuals are expected to take responsibility for their personal Christian growth seeking out the staff when needed. When called upon, the staff are responsible for encouraging and empowering the students for this task. Student Committee members are particularly encouraged to take part in this process through establishing mentoring relationships with new students as well as working in peer-to-peer relationships.

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