The joy of ebay...

By the time you read this I will have probably sold Christine's old iBook computer on ebay. It's pretty exciting for me because I've never delved into the dark realms of selling or buying on ebay for myself.

Recently as you may know I got a new computer for work which in turn meant that my faithful black Macbook became Christine's. We put her cute little iBook away purely for setimental reasons... until I suggested we have some fun and put it on ebay. Christine was most agreeable (she's not very attached to "stuff"). I wiped the hard drive, ran all the system tests on it and did a fresh install of the Operational System.

At the moment the bidding stands at $360 crazy stuff. I'll keep you posted.



It's amazing how much can happen in a just a couple of weeks. I have to pinch myself on my way home from work when I think about how lucky I am to have landed my job. To give a bit more information I have an official title something like "Design and Support". What this actually means is I put together brochures, photo boards and various advertising for the houses we sell. My job also has scope to work on improving and implementing some new organizational systems. It's also meant I've been able to get a brand new mabook with Adobe CS3 for my design work and get to indulge my 'analness' which is most satisfying.

In short I really enjoy my job I find it interesting, challenging enjoyable I am very greatful for the opportunity the guys at Petrusma have given me. Pop onto thier website and have look it's pretty schmick.

In other news I bought Christine an iphone... (which I think is a nursing Mum's best friend) after her Mum washed her old one while she was here. Christine loves using it to do her email, facebook and skype while holding Olivia with the other arm. In fact she doesn't really use her computer (my old one) anymore.

And finally K Rudd gave me my 900. Seeing all my dreams have come true at the moment maybe I'll give it away.


The message of easter pick-a-match

  1. "Jesus was the deposit and the connection point when he was hanging on the cross at Calvary to unite us to the mains power source of heaven so we can experience a healthy well balanced life."
  2. "We do know what is right and that from deep within the soul an inner voice makes this clear to us... let us take time out to reflect , to listen for the inner voice of the spirit and as it leads us into what is right and good, let us know it and do it and thereby demonstrate new truth in our world."
  3. "How many of us continue to live in fear anxiety and guilt how many of us feel that we have been crucified by a cruel world?... Out of the darkness of our pain and fear we can find our true selves and come to know something of life in all its abundance."
  4. " Easter is the time we remember just how serious God is about sin - serious enough to send his son to die on the cross so our sin could be forgiven... Jesus died for our sins. Not for them, but against them to forgive us and to set us free, so we can rid ourselves of the effects of living our lives independent of God."
  5. "Include the resurrection and we have the greatest demonstration of love and the most amazing hope for a hurting world that history has ever seen. Jesus dealt with the greatest issue facing mankind today - our brokenness and sin - and his resurrection proves he is who he said he was."
  6. "Christ sends the message return to the beginning. This is what the resurrection personally challenges us to do, seek that renewal by returning to the dream, the hope and the discipleship. Often our faith becomes tested and our dreams become crucified, but, like the disciples we must return to our Galilee or Jerusalem where we can experience a resurrection in ourselves."
  7. "The message of the cross is this; God who is holy cannot dwell with that which is unholy. To do so would be impossible... human beings must be somehow transformed so that they can be holy or "righteous". Righteousness is not about living a better life than others but about being in a right relationship with God."
  8. "Where is consolation found amidst the anxieties and tragedies of life... May Christ's promise of his presence... be real to me... May the resurrection be my trust and hope. The promise of my eternal dwelling with Christ where there will be no more tears and sorrow give me comfort and resilience to go on."

A) David Jones (Presbyterian)
B) Kay Groves (Churches of Christ)
C) John Harrower (Anglican)
D) Lucas Jacometti (CCC)
E)Andrew Glenn (Uniting Church)
F) Graham McClimont (Salvos)
G) Adrian Doyle (Catholic)
H) Bernard Cottuli (AOG)

*Picture courtesy of number one google image search for Jesus.


The problem with Christianity is... guys dress badly.*
The guys and girls from UFC are asking this question for their mission at the University. And people have responded. You can read the full number of responses here. (the formatting is pretty hideous but it's a good read).

I especially recommend the responses to anyone who works in christian ministry. Asking the world questions about how Christians are perceived is always a great way to engage with people evangelistically.

*I've been saying this for a while now.


In brief...

  • We got robbed. I confronted the guy in our bedroom. He apologised and gave me back the cash he'd taken off my desk. I proceeded to call the police while giving chase but the guy but he got away when he jumped a fence and I went to try and cut him off.
  • I've completed two weeks full time work. I have much to write but not enough time to write it down. My new job is working for Petrusma Property. It's a great job and much better suited to me. I do editing, graphic design, IT and other ninja stuff.
  • Working full time on top of Jane work and Baby stuff is hard and I'm very tired.
  • I'm getting a new computer for my work which is very tasty.
  • Christine's parents have gone back to Germany. It was awesome having them here they were a tremendous help.
  • Olivia is still a little monkey.
  • My life is never boring.