In brief...

  • We got robbed. I confronted the guy in our bedroom. He apologised and gave me back the cash he'd taken off my desk. I proceeded to call the police while giving chase but the guy but he got away when he jumped a fence and I went to try and cut him off.
  • I've completed two weeks full time work. I have much to write but not enough time to write it down. My new job is working for Petrusma Property. It's a great job and much better suited to me. I do editing, graphic design, IT and other ninja stuff.
  • Working full time on top of Jane work and Baby stuff is hard and I'm very tired.
  • I'm getting a new computer for my work which is very tasty.
  • Christine's parents have gone back to Germany. It was awesome having them here they were a tremendous help.
  • Olivia is still a little monkey.
  • My life is never boring.



Bron said... 4/04/2009 12:34 pm  

Wow - sounds like things are really hectic. Thanks for the update!

Glad to hear about the new job, it sounds great.

bec said... 4/04/2009 10:36 pm  

Oh no! Sorry to hear about the robbery, what a shock that must have been.

Glad work is going well though.

Anthony Rochester said... 4/05/2009 1:50 am  

he apologised, gave back the money, and then ran away? Did he actually steal anything?

mike said... 4/05/2009 9:52 am  

Nah he didn't steal anything in the end that I know of. The silly guy was pretty drunk too. He got caught on our security cameras here at Jane.

Jonny said... 4/08/2009 1:01 am  

Does the robber normaly sit on your table or over on the "cool" table?

Anonymous said... 4/10/2009 11:29 pm  

Sorry to hear about you burglar
A Friend

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