Every man's battle...

In the last week I've been contacted by a two separate people who are having problems with pornography. As a result I thought I'd post some backlinks on stuff that Christine and I have talked about with regard to the problem with porn.

  • Here Christine talks about redeeming sexuality.
  • My original post on porn that sparked the initial interest.
  • I read an article on the issue in the local rag and blogged it but the comments on this post very interesting.
  • A letter I blogged on the issue after I raised it in one of my supporter newsletters.
  • Backlinks to an article in the SMH.
  • I talked about it again when I came back from a national AFES conference (there was a little debate in the comments on this post)
  • Linked to an article by Naomi Wolf on porn. The comments are also worth a read.
You can view all the posts where I've talked about porn here. I'll also be posting some more advice in the next couple of days. I'm also going to turn anonymous comments back on.



Bron said... 4/19/2008 4:07 pm  

When we were over at someone's house I picked up that book, Every Woman's Battle. I only read the first few chapters but I thought it was very good and have been intending to get hold of it sometime. I thought it had a good grasp on the issues that apply to women and I'd certainly recommend it (well, so far!)

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