"Wombatisms" or Launy road trip Week 2

Good times were had by all. The Wombat (aka Josh) joined Evan and myself as I preached at FOCUS in Launy FOCUS last night (I preached there last week).


The trip up wasn't hugely eventful... so I pulled a better face than last time.

I chased a sunset for my girl...

Discovered I have really bad dandruff... but only after eating a baguette

I've talked about Wombat (aka Josh) before. We spent time together on TLC and the Gameshow camp earlier in the year. The Wombat or "The Bat" (as he calls himself always in third person) is a self described rare beast. His obliteration of the English language is enough to send truckloads of Americans into a spin (or leave them very confused). Let me give you just a sample. Mowbray (A suburb of Launy) is shorten to "The Bray", "Evan" somehow becomes "Bevan", I become "The Jolly", deep fried filth is known as "Mung", and Mark Driscoll is known as "The Driscoll".

Following FOCUS our evening culminated in the Bat demanding "An icy cold Coke from a can". Here he is on the prowl in Woolworth's.

He wasn't happy when all we could find was a 600 ml plastic bottle.
"I want the taste of the can on my lips... I thought I made that clear! ".
But we talked him round and he was all smiles for the ladies who read my blog.

We had some good chats late into the night... a very very late night (At Timmy G's house) and came back this afternoon making a short detour back to collect some books that were forgotten. Thanks to Evan and Wombat it was very definately a road trip to remember.



BSJ-rom said... 5/31/2007 10:44 pm  

I reckon we're gonna have to have a blog dedicated to people and their unique vernacular.

I recall JKnibbe gettin a helluva lot of hits as he uncovered words like Meaty and Battle etc.

Anyway, I have far less interesting things to do with my time, so I will cease my procrastinations.

Laura said... 6/01/2007 3:18 am  

Your blog is boring. It's all about people I don't know or stuff I don't care about. I'm going to have to ask you to tailor your blog to my tastes.

And on another note I'm trying to stir up controversy on my blog but it's not working.

mike said... 6/01/2007 9:44 am  

Well I must admit your blog is looking better than before. Now are you coming to Germany for the wedding of the year?

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