Gameshow Camp Report

The back of Marty, Jess, Simon and Mel all from Kingston Reformed.

(I never tried... I wonder is this a universal number?)

The Gameshow Camp went very well.
Some of our games worked better than others. I was particualrly happy with the first and last talks. The second one wasn't quite as clear (Mikey pointed this out before I left). The Kingston duders did an awesome job keeping me pumped especially Josh aka "the wombat".

I also managed to pull off (I think) being cool enough for the kids to relate to without looking like a try hard. This was a real answer to prayer as I was a little worried about this going into the camp. Teenagers are notoriously cynical and harsh (I know I was) and to engage them with the Bible was fantastic.

"Yeah girls... you'll be famous on my blog"

What is with the hats?

I wish I had hair like this...

Generic waiting for lunch shot

Mr Matthews the Principal (great guy much respect)

Josh educates the young ones in WOW (the Ways Of the Wombat)

"We are the loners..."

Please keep praying for the kids that they will think about the things that they have heard about and follow or continue to follow Christ. Please keep me in your prayers as Sam, Damon and I continue to think about the year ahead for FOCUS.



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Thanks for sharing your experience

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