Regurgitator-Mish Mash

As reviewed by me in TOG 2004

Brisbane band Regurgitator latest offering is the aptly titled Mish Mash.
The album was recorded last year, in a plastic bubble positioned in Melbourne’s Federation Square. For twenty one days the band’s every move was broadcast live on Channel V in the post modern voyeuristic way we have become accustomed.

The move was seen by some, as a ‘sellout’ marketing ploy, others hailed the band as ground breaking with a bold, innovative approach to recording. What ever camp you place yourself in, Gurge members Ben Ely and Quan Yeomans are to be commended for completing the recording while in the bubble.

The music on “Mish Mash” is a rushed “mish mash” of tracks combining hip-hop, rock, rap, and electronic genres, that made Regurgitator popular. However by enlarge this album is nothing new.

The first track “The Drop” sticks with the classical Gurge sound. “My friend Robot” is also in the same vain. Unsurprisingly these two tracks that made it in to this years Hottest 100. My favorite track would be “The Game”. It has a funky rap that I’d dance to if I danced, but again it fails to reach beyond the ordinary. The boppy “Welcome to my ego” is a lyrically odd but also safely average. It’s depressing to see a band hailed as pioneering a few years ago still producing music that is boringly the same. The only song on this album that comes close to being unique is the soft, slow and melodic “I was sent by God to get you off”.

I found the album art particularly irritating. The cover and sleeve are adorned with a mish mash of paper graffiti, drawings, and notes from fans written to the band during their “bubble time”. One could spend the best part of a day looking at the scribbly details. This proved slightly annoying when working out the track listing on the back of the album (and good luck deciphering the lyrics).

If you are a Gurge fan you’ll probably like this album, as it’s more of the same old stuff. If you’re not, you’ll find this “mish mash” of tracks spectacularly average. There is nothing truly new here.



Pryderi said... 5/02/2007 6:01 pm  

I was in Melbourne when they were recording in the "bubble". They did a lot of sitting down. I didn't see them pick up a single instrument. Maybe that's why the album sucked. Got my picture taken for the official website though.

mike said... 5/02/2007 6:04 pm  

Nice one mate

Anonymous said... 6/22/2007 11:07 pm  

I like it. I just downloaded the album. The Gurge rock....

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