Heidi married...?

(A happy cappy)

Heidi is my old flatmate from the crazy (cold) castle share house days. Tim and I used to call her the Capybara (for always munching on lettuce and salads) which we turned into the "Happy Cappy". I also remember Rob and I having some fun picking on her as well. (Don't worry she gave out as good as she got).

Heidi probably doesn't remember this but we had joke going that if we had both turned 30 and still weren't married we'd get married to each other.

(The happy couple Heidi and Amos)

Sadly she moved to woop-woop then more recently the US of A. Although we haven't stayed in great contact she's a great chick who I have a tonne of respect for. I'm really pleased to see her get happily married (and wearing a dress didn't think I'd see the day) to a handsome looking bloke called Amos.

Congrats and prayers with you both. (more pictures here)



Pryderi said... 5/02/2007 6:08 pm  

Heidi is a classic. Congratulations to her!

Donners said... 5/03/2007 1:03 pm  

HMMPH, can't believe you got them first....grrr...

Why does america have to be soo far awayyy!!

Pablo said... 5/09/2007 2:30 pm  

How good does Heidi look! She was one of my first mums. I guess that now makes Amos one of my dads? Does that mean I get an American passport? Not that I'd use it, I don't want to risk getting rabies.

Pablo said... 5/09/2007 2:32 pm  

Ohhh. I did that thing I hate where an exclamation mark is used when a question is asked. Yes, it's an exclamation, but I think that the question mark should take precedence. Maybe it should be both: How good does Heldi look?!

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