Flirting with Christine

I promised a while back I'd dig some stuff up from the archives.

The first picture I ever saw of Christine

I must get her attention. Nothing like a sunset (fellas take note.) With a title like Pictures and sunset music... Christine commented;

"*gasp* it's ... it's positively breathtaking! I know that for myself, I often don't trust myself to take a photograph when I'm looking at such beauty. It's as if I think that during the short few moments I have the camera held up to my eye ... I'll miss something ... or that it'll take away from it.
weird ... i know.
i'm glad you weren't weird about it and took the shot."
Then there was People who like people... but she didn't comment.
But it worked here.... Top Five reason's I'm a Snag...

This one was classic. The ultimate sympathy post Crisis well sort of... I also said in this post I'd have to be with a girl for 2 years before getting married... *cough*. Oh and Christine, she commented... several times.

And next rolled out another sunset in a subtle post called Sunrise... and she commented but it was only because I called her a Christian Feminazi in my sidebar links.

(Part 2)
(Christine's Story)



jeltzz said... 5/21/2007 11:09 pm  

ah, mike. why don't you post some real content on your blog? like the indepth high-flying blog that I write?

hehehe. you make me laugh.
though laughing right now makes me cough a lot...

Angus said... 5/22/2007 10:09 am  

hee hee hee! I love hearing stories of how people got together! They're usually filled with awkward moments, unsure conversations and the occasional thrill when you realise it could happen.

Erica said... 5/22/2007 10:22 am  

Awww :) That was hilarious! And sweet.

Yay I got my Blood Donor card today. Did you? Ahh, I am way too much like my mum - we are both B positive (and yes I know there is a big chance we would be the same). Lol, love my mum.

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