People Ministry... tips

Thursdays are MTS training days. This means I spend an hour or so working with Mike and all the other MTS duders (Keith, Wombat, Fiona, and Damo). Mike always has some helpful and/or useful insight into ministry. I have talked about this sort of stuff before but I thought these took a slightly different spin...

When thinking about people you are discipling;

  1. Who are they? (eg. their name)
  2. What can I learn from them? (Learning is not just about the mentor download.. it's a conversation)
  3. What are you doing with them now? (Reading the Bible, Praying together.. etc)
  4. Where are they at? (ie. Spiritually)
  5. Where do you want to get to? (Goals and aims)
  6. How are you going to get there? (How will you achieve your goals and aims?)



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