Guys (and girls) hangout...

Getting blokes to hang out can be difficult... but not when Jackie Chan is involved. Friday night was Jackie Chan night courtesy of my old flatmate Tim. We invited a bunch of FOCUS guys and girls along.

Chan's Armour of God is famous because he almost lost his life doing one of the stunts. It was great to watch a film where it is ok to laugh out loud at the daggy bits and appreciate old school stunts where actors hadn't heard of occupational health and safety. In any case the highlight was an overturning 4WD sliding down a set of stairs with people running in every direction... how they didn't get hit I don't know. If you like action and Jackie Chan you can't go wrong with this film, (four stars).

Dragon Fist was more the Jackie Chan purist movie with awkward (American) voice over interspersed with some awesome fighting sequences. All in all an entertaining nights viewing and some great fellowship.



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