Sherrin... engaged to her boyfriend Dave. But you'll only read about it here bloggers as she's having a blogging sabbath till Easter.

Sherrin deserves the Christians I respect award for the amazing transformation I've seen in her life over the years I have known her. Back at school she was a pretty horrible person whose life was as rebellious as they come... but she came to know Christ and began to change. It's a pity people don't realise just how dramatic has been the change in her life. It has been a great source of personal encouragement to see just how much being a Christian has transformed her.

Praise God Sherrin you are most definately a Christian I greatly respect.



The Borg said... 3/12/2007 10:40 am  

Sherrin is an amazing, beautiful person. What God has done in her life is amazing.

Many blessings to Sherrin and Dave!

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