People Ministry

A great way to think about people strategically and holistically.

  1. Sum up person in one sentance.
  2. How are they related to you/your ministry activity?
  3. What to know about them (What do I need to be mindful of)?
  4. What can I learn from them?
  5. How can I help them?
Take this an apply it to one person you know.

I found this helpfully in thinking about people who I don't have a natural tendency toward or perhaps are a little older.

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John Dekker said... 2/03/2007 5:08 pm  

Sum up person in one sentence.


"What is any man that he should be a judge of men?" he demanded.
"These three were the tramps that once stood before him and
were dismissed rapidly right and left to one place or another;
as if for them there were no cloak of courtesy, no stages of intimacy,
no free-will in friendship. And twenty years has not exhausted
the indignation born of that unfathomable insult in that moment
when he dared to know them at a glance."

G. K. Chesterton, The Miracle of Moon Crescent

Mike Jolly said... 2/03/2007 5:18 pm  

Don't get your nickers in a knot.
One can still sum a person up in one sentence.

Mike - Loud, outgoing enthusiastic rash etc you get the idea?

John - Intelligent, thoughtful, pedantic...

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