Vibe Slogans for Crossroads

  • Our Public Meeting is an expression of day to day life and vice versa.
  • We're not a church of Christians in Hobart rather a group of Hobartians who are Christian.
  • Great Commandment before great Commission.
  • Leadership by example.
  • Culture verses Programs.
  • Integrity
  • Ministry time counts as social time and vice versa.



John Dekker said... 2/03/2007 5:14 pm  


i)I don't know.
ii)Don't know what that means.
iii)Not convinced.
iv)Yes, with certain qualifications.
vi)A Good Thing
vii)Definitely not.

Mike Jolly said... 2/03/2007 5:21 pm  

John as someone who doesn't really particularly know Crossroads culture past or present are you qualified to comment?

Not wanting to sound rude but going on your comments I think not.

John Dekker said... 2/03/2007 5:32 pm  

Oh, you misunderstand me - I'm not commenting on how well you've captured the vibe. That's as may be. I would like to know what being "a group of Hobartians who are Christian rather than a church of Christians in Hobart" means. And I counting ministry time as social time (and vice versa) is a bad idea. Etc.

Mike Jolly said... 2/03/2007 5:55 pm  

John this is a specific list of vibe slogans for Crossroads.

Qualification 1
Point 2 is essentially fleshing out Point 1. ie. When I go to church I'm not putting on the "Michael Christian hat". Rather I wear the "Mike the window cleaner hat" 24/7 including in church on a Sunday*.

*"Hat" here is used in a metaphorical and comic sense. Not at all meaning men should wear hats in church on Sundays.

Qualification 2
As for point 7. If you understood the past culture of Crossroads you'd see this is a helpful corrective*.

*Obviously it's not for everyone all of the time.

It's so qualified now it's like I never said anything....

Natasha said... 2/06/2007 11:20 am  

what happens to the church goers who aren't actually hobartians... like they could be launcestonians, or gasp, mainlanders.

hehe, you don't need need to respond, i'm just being a dork :-)

Jerome said... 2/07/2007 5:30 pm  

Mike, if it's so qualified that it's like you never said anything, maybe
a) you didn't say anything
b)you perhaps should have asked John what he meant.

You don't learn much if everyone always agrees with each other.

Mike Jolly said... 2/11/2007 2:12 pm  

I'm all for debate and discussion but I want to make sure that people have actually taken the time to think an issue through before dismissing it out of hand.

This is an area in which we can all improve.

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