Jonny... wants to be famous

Here is my friend Jonny playing in a pub band.... he doesn't actually know what song he's playing in this photo (by his own admission).

Jonny is always serious and always joking (his words not mine). He is known for his lack of facial expression when playing music. Here he is playing at church the next day... (note lack of facial expression).

Jonny is a very very funny guy. There are many stories about Jonny that could be told but he tells them so much better. Some say Jonny invented a crazy bike part worth millions. I heard recently that he was the internet...

Best of all Jonny is a Christian. Jonny supportMIKE salutes you



Jonny said... 12/02/2006 12:12 am  

Thanks Mike. But in both pictures the guy standing next to me is more famous.

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