My Story...

I arrived in Louisville feeling like… well... I had swallowed a roll of paper towel. It was almost midnight and I’d been flying and battling airports for over 30 hours.

Christine was late and it was a feeling of relief to finally see her. I was very tired. She looked nice… real nice. Much “hotter” in person than over Skype video. I gave her a big long hug and she kissed me on the cheek.

I took her hand. There was no awkwardness… no strange silences, weird moments, fireworks etc. It was just like we’d been together forever. It felt like hanging out with an old friend (be it in a foreign country) someone you haven’t seen for a while but kept in close contact with.

Christine was a million times better in person. We had so much fun together down at parks, shopping malls, coffee shops, book shops, the seminary and other normal some might say boring locations. I didn’t really care I was there for Christine and her alone. Other things in Louisville (tourist attractions and the like) didn’t interest me but that’s just me. We took photos together lots of silly ones. Planned stuff together read the Bible to each other and prayed ever night. I was a very happy pumpkin.

I hadn’t particularly planned on proposing in the USA but within three days I was sure I wanted to. That’s pretty good for me as I’ve taken longer to make similar decisions before and felt less sure. This just seemed right I had a sense of peace that I was making a good decision. Her Mum and Dad we really cool… Her Dad’s crushing handshake and Mum’s tall stories which a gullible me fell for.

I ended up having a wonderful time. The people I met left me feeling humbled for my rubbish attitude to Americans. As I left to fly home I also had an overwhelming sense of how wonderful God had been to me through the whole thing and how worthy he was of glory for our relationship working out.

God has stuck by me in the past even when I’ve been a (bad person). I’ve made many mistakes, dumb decisions, hurt people, stuffed several relationships up and felt like chucking in the towel. But God has forgiven me and has given me the strength to persevere through tough times. Praise God I’ve become the person I am today. May he continue to grow and change both Christine and I to be more like himself every day. It’s my prayer you discover this also.



ckhnat said... 12/02/2006 2:48 am  

you forgot to tell them about my "scary hair"

; )

Priscilla said... 12/02/2006 3:03 am  

I am very happy for you. Read my very long comment to "Jason" on Christine's "The Ruturn"

Kelli B said... 12/02/2006 5:35 am  

i must say this is simply wonderful! I've loved learning about Christine's life, and now getting to read your side too. It's excellent!


Donners said... 12/02/2006 8:33 am  

Oh Mike, I'm so glad it worked out so well for you. I'm so happy you found a girl who so "gets" you and respects you.

Let your delight in the Lord grow as you know him and each other better. Serving a spouse is a huge lesson in service that really shows up ones sin and shortcomings but also God's grace again and again. It is such a gift I don't deserve and yet i was given it.

Yay! Praise God for his generousity in giving you Stine!

I look forward to meeting Stine soon :)

Sethals said... 12/02/2006 3:22 pm  

Congrats Mike and Christine, am glad it all worked out for you guys.

Just curious, why Germany?

Mike Jolly said... 12/02/2006 3:30 pm  

We choose Germany because I wanted to get married wearing lederhosen and have yodeling during the ceremony.

I didn't think people in Tassie would be pumped for either of these things.

Angus said... 12/03/2006 5:20 pm  

I think I've been to a couple of Margate weddings where both those things have happened...

(Interstate and international readers will not get that joke)

Mike Jolly said... 12/03/2006 8:22 pm  

Hmmm Margate a whole world of it's own...

Natasha said... 12/05/2006 1:37 am  

congrats again :). it's nice to hear your "side" ;-)

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