How to be a good window cleaner

... like me.

  • Always look like you know what you are doing even if you don’t.
  • Have confidence in your self and your skill (but not arrogance).
  • Introduce yourself and be friendly but don’t talk any more than you have to. You are there to work. If you shut up and listen you may just learn something.
  • Learn “patter” (the art of engaging a customer to allow them to relax). Questions about children, the weather always work well. Complement them on their house and how nice it is. Avoid conversations that might bog you down. If another visitor arrives fade into the background you are there to clean windows.
  • Have a neat and tidy appearance (shave everyday).
  • Smell nice and have clean clothes.
  • Keep your tools neat clean and tidy and in good repair.
  • Change your water in your bucket regularly. Dirty water is just rank.
  • Leave things exactly how you found them (eg trinkets and blinds in place)
  • If a customer asks “can you...?” the answer is always yes. Worry about how you will do it later.
  • If you use the toilet for heavens sake put the lid down.
  • Always be polite.
  • If a customer watches you allow them to see you being meticulous in your cleaning. Leave the work area cleaner than when you found it.
  • Look for opportunities to talk about being a Christian. For example talk up the boss because he’s a Christian.
  • Never admit how much experience unless you are asked.
  • Never get flustered and swear (or at least don’t allow the customer to see you do this).
  • Always keep the volume of you radio/i-pod at a level where you are aware of your surroundings and can hear is customer speaks to you.
  • When quoting never apologise for a high price. Don’t look nervous when you give the price. Be confident, as if you charge that much every day. Your work is worth good money if you do a good job.
  • When quoting if a customer seems overly fussy or fastidious charge them extra. That way you can take the extra time to make them happy.
  • Have a good supply of clean rags so you don’t run out.



Jonny said... 12/01/2006 12:58 am  

Smell nice and have clean clothes.

This is one us guys often forget. I already know I smell, but I'm interested to know if people can tell 2 metres away. Let me know.

Carmen said... 12/01/2006 5:54 am  

Sounds like good advice for any job!

fional said... 12/03/2006 11:07 pm  

I love your wise reflections. You set a good example of approaching work with integrity. God bless!

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