Writings on the wall

My friend Benny has a poetry exibition at the Nourish Cafe in Elizabeth Street. On till the 31st of September. My other mate Nick did the graphics which are equally cool.

Drop in and have a read of all the poems like this one...
Beach Horizons

And God said, “Let the waters under the Heavens
be gathered together in one place
and let the dry land appear.”
Genesis 1:9

dad said
lets go find a rock
spots of sun to dangle rods -
flathead signal when they're ready.

mum said
have a careful look
under clouds and under grit -
cowries follow children home.

she sat quiet on the sand
passed her toes
through water cool
smiled at all the meeting.



BSJ-rom said... 9/07/2006 12:37 pm  

I'm gonna have to go have a look. Where on Elizabeth St is Nourish Cafe?

I think I might have to chuck some more poetry on my blog... cos my last little ode actually scored some comments!

(Please note the shameless self-promotion of my blog...)

mike said... 9/07/2006 2:28 pm  

Coolness look forward to reading it. You'll find it one block up from the mall on the right hand side.

Felicity said... 9/07/2006 7:38 pm  

I've met Benny's mum at an adult ed class. Told me her son is an elder at Crossroads and when I met Benny I knew he was her son straight away - same blond hair - same dimples.

Such a Tasmanian moment :)

Jek said... 9/11/2006 8:48 pm  

Hey I wish is had read this post before I had lunch at Nourish last week.

But after eating some of their EXCELLENT food I'm sure to be back there again soon. (I only work on the next block at the CBA :))

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