How to be better at evangelism... Part 1*

Have deeper relationships with those outside the church.
The better you know someone, the easier it is to pray for them, to care for them, to understand them, to love them. The more you are driven by love, the more you accident prone you will be when it comes to accidentally evangelising.

If you have a deeper relationship with a person, discussions of faith will hopefully become inevitable rather than uncomfortable. Friends want to know how each other tick, and they naturally share their lives with each other. Whereas it would be strange to talk about God with a work colleague or your boss, it would be natural in context of friendship. More meaningful relationships often lead to evangelistic opportunities that are not even initiated by the Christian.

Another accidental side effect will probably be an increase in your circle of friends - as you get to know your friends better, you will get to know the important people in their life better as well - and vice versa. On one hand, you will have more people to show Christ's love to. On the other, you will have more Christian friends who know your non Christian friends to help you do it.

(*My good friend Emma (aka "The Poo") guest posts about evangelism. Thankyou Emma.)



aus_chick said... 9/11/2006 5:51 am  

My pastor recently spoke about a topic similar to this. He was talking about discipleship and the importance of investing deeply in a small number of people. He used jesus as an example - he only had 12 disciples and he was closest to 3 of them. Where i am right now, I don't have many non-christian friends, but trying to do a better job of investing in few people on a deeper level.

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