How to be better at evangelism... Part 2*

Have deeper relationships with those inside the church.

The more your church is your family, not just on Sundays, the more your friends and family outside the church will get to know that family. As you yourself get to know your Christian brothers and sisters better, you will probably end up meeting and befriending more of their friends and family as well. A relative who might never have been to church on a Sunday may end up having so much contact with Christians that they begin to see the body of Christ in action all the same. Don't segregate your church family from the rest of your life, let them overlap and intertwine.

(*My good friend Emma (aka "The Poo") guest posts about evangelism. Thankyou Emma.)



sherrin said... 9/11/2006 11:04 am  

I like Emma's thoughts on this, and enjoyed reading them in the church newsletter too :).

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