Tiny Teddy mega shoot

Things on my blog have been more serious lately so today I set this up (see below). I’d like to rebuke myself for being silly and childish… but I enjoyed doing it ohhhh soooooo much. I hope you do to.

"Welcome to Happy's house, a place where the sun shines in and out."

The box says there are six houses to collect... hmmm

I glued the house together with liquid nails. If a job is worth doing it's worth doing properly.

Christine supervised me as I did the cutting out (she's a teacher).

Update I came home this afternoon to find all the tiny teddy heads had been bitten off... no prizes for guessing who did that.



BSJ-rom said... 9/03/2006 10:06 pm  

Light headed tiny teddy. Should go the next step and get them legless...

ckjolly said... 9/03/2006 10:58 pm  

oh, believe me ... he pulled ALL sorts of stunts with those cookies!

Dave said... 9/04/2006 12:59 am  

If Happy's house is one where the sun shines inside and out, he must have installed one huge freaking skylight in the roof!

Or is it one of those trendy, new "passive solar" houses that are all the rage with the yuppies?

Nixter said... 9/04/2006 10:32 am  

I love tiny teds but the ones which are half coated with the milk choc - yummy.

Nice house by the way - you clearly have too much time on your hands Pikey Mikey...

BSJ-rom said... 9/04/2006 2:38 pm  

I think we need to get a stop-animation version of Gulliver's travels with tiny teddies as the lilliputians.

aus_chick said... 9/05/2006 1:19 am  

haha, nice! in america, they're called "teddy grahams"

Laura said... 9/05/2006 4:42 am  

Whilst on the subject of Arnotts bikkies, Mike, if you don't bring Dark Chocolate Tim Tams when you come to America, I will hide Christine.

JK said... 9/05/2006 9:50 am  

Those little Teddy's look very feeble.

Taz said... 9/05/2006 1:05 pm  

Dark Chocolate tim-tams are overrated.

Mike, what you need to do is somehow work into your trip a short passage over the border into Canada so that you can have Tim Horton's. I would go back to Canada just so that I could have more of that coffee.

Donners said... 9/05/2006 8:11 pm  

"Dark Chocolate tim-tams are overrated."

Not when you've bitten off both corners and sucked coffee through them, then let them dissolve in our mouth (drrooool).

Nice set up Mike, I hope the TT's weren't liquid nailed to the bench.....

ckjolly said... 9/06/2006 5:04 am  

Laura and I attempted a TimTam Slam (without the Tim Tam ... we used some mediocre substitute) the other day ... what a rush!

Laura said... 9/06/2006 6:54 am  

WHAT!?!? Dark chocolate TimTams overrated? Shocking, abominable reply! How should we punish him? Never mind. That's one less consumer of them, so I can complete my evil plan of becoming a stereotypically obese American by consuming an ungodly amount of Australian biscuits.

Martha said... 9/06/2006 8:02 am  

Tim Horton's is not just in Canada anymore. We have them too.

Taz said... 9/06/2006 8:58 am  

Be tough, do it with a milk chocolate tim tam.

mike said... 9/06/2006 5:41 pm  

I cannot believe hat a person would talk about dark choc tim tams on ths blog. Everyone knows that the best ones are the double chocs.

Bron said... 9/06/2006 11:16 pm  

No way! Double chocs are greasy, oily things. Dark is the only kind of tim tams I like (I do make a concession to caramel when I'm in non-dark company) Dark chocolate all the way. Mmmmmm.

ckjolly said... 9/07/2006 12:25 am  

mike, can you bring me both kinds? i have to say that i already carry a fascination for dark chocolate ...

Laura said... 9/07/2006 3:16 am  

Ugh, double chocolate -- they're like wax-coated tim-tams.

Lara said... 9/07/2006 2:19 pm  

I think a Tim Tam is a Tim Tam is a Tim Tam. They're all good!

Love the Tiny Teddy shoot - very cool indeed!

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